Saturday 24 September 2016
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bizarre vehicles

Kevin’s Video of the Week: 13 Really Bizarre Vehicles

Kevin: Wish automakers were a little more creative in their designs? Here are the 13 most bizarre vehicles ever made–including an...

hot wheels

Jerry’s Video of the Week: Hot Wheels Team Defies Gravity

Jerry: This one-minute and a half video left me speechless, I had to watch it four times.  The Hot Wheels team in a Hyundai, hit a ramp on...


Jerry’s Video of the Week: A Bad Day on the Nürburgring

Jerry:  Nürburgring is a Gran Prix-style track in Germany.  Apparently, one of the cars on the track dumped oil on a sharp turn, and car...


Kevin’s Video of the Week: Meet AT&T’s Ad Girl

Kevin: You’ve probably seen her hundreds of times on TV but here’s what you don’t know about “Lily–that...