Wednesday 25 May 2016
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sound jaguar F-type S

The Oh So Sweet Sound of the Jaguar F-Type S (Video)

Kevin: In his review of the Jaguar F-Type S this week, Jerry mentioned the unique sound of the exhaust but you couldn’t really...


Camaro Mows Down Fence Leaving Cars and Coffee (Video)

Jerry: It is always a sad day when you crash your high-performance Chevy Camaro because you don’t know how to drive it.  It is worse...

jerry drive rolls-royce car

A Drive Down Memory Lane, 10 Years After Leaving Car Biz

It was a decade ago last week that I walked out of my large Ford dealership in Dallas-Fort Worth for the final time.  I looked back,...

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.39.35 PM

Kevin’s Video of the Week: A Chilly Forecast?

Kevin: KTLA5 News in Los Angeles Meteorologist, Liberté Chan, was recently doing the weather in a strappy, sleeveless cocktail dress. In...