Friday 28 August 2015
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Subaru Announces 2016 BRZ Model Pricing

Subaru wants to put $300 in your pocket. Well not literally of course, but if you buy a new 2016 BRZ you’ll be getting the same paired...

Hyundai concept 2015

Hyundai Goes High Performance With New “N” Brand

Hyundai is out to prove it means business with its high performance N sub brand. The automaker says it will showcase the brand at the...


Auto News: ‘Cuda Talk, Ford Ranger, Bronco Comeback?

A FORD RANGER, BRONCO COMEBACK? In this weeks Auto News in :60, Ford is thinking about bringing back the midsize Ranger pickup and the...

Smart Fortwo Cabrio

New Smart ForTwo Cabrio Drops Its Top

It’s official. America is getting a new version of the Smart Car. It’s the drop-top two seater Smart Fortwo Cabrio, a...