Thursday 11 February 2016
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2016 Santa Fe Sport

Car Pro: Best $25,000 Crossover SUVs On The Market

I wrote on this a few months ago — the paradigm switch from mid-sized sedans to crossover SUVs. Now that the smoke has cleared on...

on the air Jerry and Kevin unplugged

ON THE AIR: Jerry Sounds Off On Detroit Automakers

If you read Jerry the Car Pro’s article last week about Detroit automakers determined to repeat past mistakes, you won’t want...

Ford GT

Auto News: Ford GT, Toyota Scraps Scion, 1st Acura NSX

2017 FORD GT APPLICATIONS If you want a 2017 Ford GT, prepare for some tough competition. Ford GT applications go live online this month....

2017 F-Series stunt

Jerry’s Video of the Week: Ford Pulls Off Super Duty Stunt

Jerry: Here is a stunt Ford pulled off to show the strength of the 2017 F-Series Super Duty frame.  This is amazing to watch!...