Friday 29 July 2016
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CarPro® Articles


Kevin’s Video of the Week: RV + Boat = Best Idea Ever

Kevin: Who wins the title of the coolest guy at the lake launching his boat off a ramp? This guy!

redneck tug of war

Jerry’s Video of the Week: Redneck Tug-Of-War

Jerry: It’s a redneck tug-of-war!  Monster trucks pulling the opposite direction, only held together by a strap, oh my.  Only one can...

nasa moon

Kevin’s Video of the Week: First Moon Landing

Kevin: “That’s one small step for man…one giant leap for mankind”. It was 47 years ago this week that Neil...


Jerry’s Video of the Week: Motorcycle Crash at 80 MPH+

Jerry: We’ve all seen those super-fast motorcycles zipping through traffic, driving between cars on the highway, riding on the rear wheel...