Mazda Issues Recall on Tribute 2001-2004- Car Pro News

22 Apr

Mazda is recalling 109,000 Tribute SUVs from the 2001-04 model years because of rust that could cause separation of the lower control arm from the vehicle’s subframe.
The recall covers vehicles sold in states where high corrosion is likely to occur, mainly those where roads get salted in the winter.
It follows a recall last month of the Tribute’s sibling, the Ford Escape. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Ford was recalling 385,762 2001-2004 model year Escapes to replace a nearly identical rusting problem.
Dealers will install a cross-brace reinforcement to any vehicle affected by the recall. Mazda expects to send out notices around May 19 and a second letter once parts become available to make the repair.… Read more

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It’s the LAST WEEKEND of the month! – Car Pro News

last wknd of month

Since you were a kid, you probably heard that the best time to get a car is at the end of the month. Even though Car Pro Show listeners get special listener pricing at all our dealers, they get even better than usual deals at month end. When the last day of the month gets near, it is a buyer’s dream.

I can tell you from all my years in retail that at the end of the month, everybody is geared up and has a “whatever it takes” attitude. Trade values go up, finance rates go down, and the consumer is in the driver’s seat.… Read more

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GM Wins Crucial Legal Victory in Recall Battle- Car Pro News


General Motors may be losing the public relations battle in its recall of defective cars, but the company scored a much-needed victory last week in its escalating legal war.
The automaker fended off a potentially devastating court order Thursday when a federal judge denied a motion that would have forced it to advise the owners of the 2.6 million recalled Chevrolet Cobalts, Saturn Ions and other small cars with a faulty ignition switch to keep the cars off the road until they are fixed.
Recent filings by the company in other cases show that it plans to aggressively fight any legal action stemming from episodes from before July 10, 2009, the date it emerged from bankruptcy.… Read more

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NHTSA Looking at Nissan Leaf Charger Fire- Car Pro News


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating whether a EV charging unit damaged a Nissan Leaf and led to a fire poses a safety hazard.
NHTSA said the agency is opening an investigation into 50 Bosch Power Xpress 250V charging units after a complaint that while charging a 2013 Leaf the EV “began to emit smoke around the vicinity of the vehicle/charger interface when charging at a private residence.”
After 90 minutes of charging “signs of overheating were first noticed. The overheating condition can cause damage to the vehicle and charger rendering both inoperable. Charging vehicles are typically left unattended and there is a risk of fire that could affect the vehicle and its surrounding environment.”
The complaint was filed in late August.… Read more

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1936 Ford Collection to be Auctioned – Car Pro News


As a young man, Emery Ward Jr. fell in love in 1936 — with a Ford. He never got over the attraction. In fact, the older he got, the more it intensified.
After Ward died in 2007, the objects of his affection — a collection of nearly two dozen 1936 Fords of every shape and stripe — remained locked away in a barn in Sandusky, Ohio, near the shores of Lake Erie. Until now, that is.
On May 16 and 17, Ward’s impressive collection of 1936 Fords and accompanying spare parts will be auctioned off at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Sandusky.… Read more

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