Thursday 24 August 2017
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ford hatchback

Cabin Check: Civic, Focus ST and Cruze Hatchback Matchup

Just head to any auto show and you’ll notice right away that hatchbacks are taking up more space on showroom floors these days. And...

guy wax car

The Car Pro Guide To DIY Spring Car Waxing

Remember when you bought your current car at the dealership? You were probably astonished by the paint job: the striking color that...

pothole damage chevrolet

6 Tips to Steer Clear of Spring Pothole Damage

Spring has sprung officially, and that means that after winter weather, we are often left with a bunch of potholes in the road.  In fact,...

The Car Pro Third-Row Seat SUV Showdown

If you’re on the hunt for three-row SUV options – you’re not alone. Large SUVs are back in fashion again thanks to low gas...