Monday 21 August 2017
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Best-Selling Midsize Luxury SUVs Through September

Best-Selling Midsize Luxury SUVs Through September

Car Pro Show listeners have told me they are enjoying these reports.

In the past three weeks, we’ve looked at the best-selling SUVs, the best-selling trucks in America, and last week the best- and worst-selling passenger cars, year-to-date, through September 2016.

This week we drill down deeper to look at the best-selling midsize luxury SUVs, one of the hottest segments of the auto industry.

Best-Selling Midsize Luxury SUVs

  1. Lexus RX- 76,240
  2. Mercedes GLE- 37,481
  3. Acura MDX- 39,578
  4. BMW X5- 32,818
  5. Infiniti QX60- 31,067
  6. Volvo XC90- 24,229
  7. Lincoln MKX- 22,710
  8. Audi Q7- 21,885
  9. Cadillac SRX-21,786
  10. Cadillac XT5-21,696

Photo Credit: Lexus