Wednesday 18 January 2017
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Tips & Advice

dealership documentary

The 411 on Dealership Documentary Fees

We had a radio show caller last week who owned two homes and was trying to figure out the best place of the two to register a new...

auto sales

The Bright Side Of The Inevitable Auto Slowdown

As someone once said, “records are meant to be broken”.  While that is true, the auto industry set a new record in 2015, and eked out...

bait and switch

Auto Manufacturer-Sponsored Bait & Switch

For many years, I have warned listeners about bait & switch car dealership ads.  When I still owned car dealerships, I used to look at...

car bow

Car Buying Tips for the Last Week of the Year

It is the last week of the year and as I’ve told you many times, the best time of the year to get a new set of wheels.  The only problem...


Top SUV, Truck and Sedan Test Drives of the Year

For a lot of years, I chose my Top Five vehicles I drove during the year.  It was a daunting task to whittle the list down to five, and I...

december best time of year to buy

Why This December Is The Best Month To Buy

I have been talking on my radio show about December being a great time to buy a new car. In spite of that I hear from people who say “I...

tax code car

Self-Employed & Business Owners: Huge 2016 Tax Write-off

It’s hard to believe we’re coming to the end of 2016. There is one big date to keep in mind if you’re self-employed or a business...

deer season

6 Tips For Safe Driving During Deer Season

It is that time of year.  As if distracted drivers and people who are drinking and driving aren’t enough of a hazard this time of year,...


Factory Rebates & Incentives Are Your Money!

I’ve been in the auto business or an auto journalist for the vast majority of my life. I study vehicle incentives every single month when...


Achoo! Sanitize Your Car Before Flu And Cold Season Starts

There is a new battleground on the horizon, and it’s one that could easily affect everyone in your family: cold and flu season. The flu...