Monday 29 May 2017
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Tips & Advice

teen driving summer

The 100 Deadly Days Of Summer

The 100 days of summer between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays are upon us, and while they may be the most fun, relaxing days of...

college grad cap car buying tips

7 Car Buying Tips For Recent College Grads

You’ve studied hard for 4 or 8 years, possibly longer.  You have sweated and fretted over exams.  You pulled all-nighters trying to...

incentive dealers

Listener Question: Can I Save Money Paying Cash?

We had a listener recently pose a question I get quite a bit:  “will I get a better price by paying cash for my next car?” While there...

senior car buying insurance

Should Senior Citizens Lease or Buy?

As we age, our mobility becomes more and more important, and frankly, precious.  For many seniors, they have never given much thought to...

car dealerships by the numbers

Car Dealerships: Behind the Numbers

Car dealerships, like people, come in all shapes and sizes.  In most metro areas, you’ll see mainly large dealerships and in rural...

bmw i3 electric cars

What You Need to Know about Electric Cars

We are hearing more and more about electric cars these days.  Much of the buzz is due to Tesla that has caused a stir with its upcoming...

internet scam bait and switch

Online Bait and Switch: Don’t Fall For It

I wrote on the subject of Internet “bait & switch” almost 4 years ago, but the problem is actually getting worse as dealers try...

police highway cop officer first respnoders

Move Over To Protect Our First Responders

His name was Ronnie Lerma, he served as a police officer in my hometown, Garland, TX.  Ronnie was a mountain of a man with a gentle...

fuel premium gas

Is Premium Fuel A Must?

It must be spring. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and gas prices are going up. All are telltale signs...

incentive dealers

Q2 2017 Incentive Outlook Looks Good

I swore off trying to predict what automakers would do as far as incentives and rebates.  It has become horribly unpredictable.  I try to...