Tuesday 26 September 2017
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Tip of the Week Videos

car insurance

Tip of the Week: Shopping for Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance is a task no one really enjoys doing, but it’s part of owning a car. That said, it’s a good idea to...

used car

Tip of the Week: The Elusive $5000 Used Car

Finding a used car for $5000 that is both safe and reliable can be a challenge. They are often a liability issue for new car dealers so...

trade-in value

Tip of the Week: Timing Your Trade-In

So you are ready to get into a new vehicle and you have a trade-in. Chances are you’ve already thought about its condition and...

equity money cash loan car

Tip of the Week: Avoiding Negative Equity

There is one thing you don’t want to be if you can help it. And that’s “upside down” in your vehicle. It’s a term...

Tip of the Week: End of Lease Options

So your car lease is up, and you’re not sure what to do. Generally, you have three options: You can walk away with a termination fee...

autonation will sell recalled cars automakers car dealers colors rental

Tip of the Week: Buying a Former Rental Car

Wondering whether buying a former rental car is a good idea? The short answer is, it can be, but only under the right circumstances.  As...

families car buying

Tip of the Week: 6 Car Buying Tips for New Families

Not sure what to look for when buying a car for your new or growing family? Here are a few things to consider in our Tip of the Week. Plan...

loaner car people car buying dealer

Tip of the Week: Buying a Loaner Car

Should you consider buying a loaner vehicle? The short answer is yes. You can usually save thousands on a nearly brand new car. Dealerships...


Tip of the Week: Choosing New Car Tires

Don’t buy a car without asking some questions about its tires. Here are some key ones to ask in our Car Pro Tip of the Week. On the...

incentive dealers cash

Tip of the Week: Paying Cash VS Financing

Can you save money by paying cash for your next car, instead of going through a dealer’s finance department? The short answer is no,...