Sunday 19 February 2017
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2017 vw golf r

2017 Volkswagen Golf R Review and Test Drive

This week I am racing around in the 2017 VW Golf R 4 door hatchback.  This is the 7th generation Golf that was first produced in 1974. ...


Rapid Review: 2016 VW Passat Is A Worthy Midsize Contender

In the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal that is now over a year old, gasoline-powered VWs have sort of gotten lost in the...

2016 Golf GTI S

Test Drive: 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI S Review

This week I am tooling around in the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI S four-door hatchback.  Believe it or not, this is the seventh-generation...


Test Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Review

In the past few months, I’ve reviewed a $400,000 Rolls Royce, a 707-horse Dodge Hellcat, a couple of BMWs, a Jag, and some other exciting...


Test Drive: 2015 VW Touareg TDI Diesel Review

I’ve always thought the large VW SUV, the Touareg was an OK vehicle quality wise, but it was never high on my list because there were...

2014 VW Passat Diesel

Test Drive: 2014 VW Passat TDI Review

If you listen to the Car Pro Show, you know I am often asked what the best car is for people who drive a lot of miles. My answer is almost...


2013 Volkswagen CC Sport Plus Review

I remember very well the first Volkswagen CC I ever saw over 4 years ago. As good as I am at identifying cars, I thought for sure it was a...


2012 VW Beetle Review

The very first car I ever drove by myself was a VW Beetle with a 4-speed manual transmission in the floor. Heck, it may have been a 3-speed...


2012 VW Passat TDI Review

German engineering, Southern hospitality. That is the story of the 2012 VW Passat TDI. This car brings the first U.S. built VW in over a...


Test Drive: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Review

I had the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta this week equipped with the 2.5 liter 5-cylinder in-line engine, and to the best of my memory this is the...