Friday 22 September 2017
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Right Toyota

Right Toyota
7701 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260


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Jerry and Kevin,

I appologize for repeating myself but, WOW-FANTASTIC-OUTSTANDING. This was my experience last year and it is my wife's this year. Her 2004 Prius with nearly 300,000 miles died! To costly to repair. She swore up and down she would not buy another car until she took TIME to search all the papers and internet and that she would use my NEW car until she found one she might like. (This means I won't have a car as she is out and about every day).

Knowing what to expect from a carPro dealer, I convinced her to visit Right Toyota, "just to look around". We met with the sales manager Jason Decker who easily rememberd our deal from last year. A short time later my wife with a BIG smile on her face was driving home in her certified 2010 Prius.

She got everything she wanted and more at a price that blew her socks off-I GOT MY CAR BACK-THE MARRIAGE IS SAVED.

Thanks again guys for your great CarPro dealers and Right Toyota for being one of them. They made me KING for the day last year and my wife QUEEN for the day this year.

ps Kevin, thanks for the work you do behind the scenes so that Jerry has all the time he needs to concentrate on "straight talk and honest answers" as the world needs more of this!

Hoo Ra Rosie and Robin
Trish Padelford
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been dealing with another Toyota dealership in Phoenix for 15 years, and after listening to your show for several months, I decided to go with your recommendation. My lease was ending so I decided to go to Right Toyota with my Car Pro Certification. My email was answered with a phone call within 12 hours. I was put in touch with the "main person", and cannot tell you how pleased I was. The deal was not only made in 7 minutes, but it was a much better deal then I was previously offered from another dealer. Of course, the whole process took about 2 1/2 hours to sign papers, pick out a car and drive off in my new car, but I knew immediately what was taking place. No going back and forth between the salesman and the manager. I will never go anywhere else but Right Toyota. I will also be telling everyone that is looking for a Toyota. Truly, this was the best experience I have ever had!!!!! Many kudos to you and to Right Toyo5
Vaughn Rosemund
WOW-FANTASTIC-OUTSTANDING-That was my first time new car leasing experience with Jason Decker Sales Manager and his team at Right Toyota. When I presented my certificate I was immediately introduced to Jason who simply said, "find it and I will make it happen for you" - I was KING for the day and Jason absolutely made it happen for me. He and his team exceeded all expectations about leasing a vehicle.

In short then; if someone is looking to buy or lease a vehicle of any type, and they DO NOT get a Car Pro certificate then they might as well eat a bottle of aspirins and throw money out the window because no deal they will get will ever beat a Certified Car Pro deal or experience!

Thanks Jerry, Kevin, Jason and the whole Right toyota team - HooRa - Rosie
Toby Crabbe
I was visiting my daughter in Phoenix Az, from out of state (San Antonio, TX) My Daughter Allison, desperately needed a new car. She was looking for quite a while and the deals she was showing me where high miles for too much money in my opinion. And I was worried about reliability. I told her I would help. I am a regular listener to car pro an decided to give it a try.
I have purchased well over 30 vehicles in my lifetime and I have to say that this was the best experience I have had. I'm so glad it was my daughter first new car buying experience. She got into the right car at the right price. The folks a Right Toyota in truly did us Right. I am going to be purchasing a new truck for myself next year and I will not buy another car without the car pro.

Many thanks,
Toby Crabbe
San Antonio, TEXAS
Phillip McDuffie
Mr. Reynolds

Thank you, your wife, Kevin, and crew for the marvelous work you have done to build such a great reputation and product.

How this was driven home to me by my experience in buying a car from one of your certified dealers, Right Toyota.

Using your web site, I email William at Right Toyota, that I had wonderful experiences with dealers who advertises on the show and that I just moved to Phoenix and thought it wise to use someone you recommend.

Mr. J.., I was treated like royalty. The wonderful AJ Abdul and Kent Thompson, who were assigned by William to assist me are great people.

AJ called the next day and set up an appointment. Your man Jeff with the Car Pro show emailed and call to see if I had been contacted.

When I pulled up to Right Toyota, I was treated like royalty….I can still hear the people shouting CAR PRO, CAR PRO HERE! William came out and shook my hand. People were wondering what movie they saw me in last….And I am not a star.

I have a beautiful new car and met some wonderful people, who had to bend over backward to make me a deal and did. AJ Abdul is the man.
Thank you, Thank you all.
John and Nikki Van Reusen
Dear Jerry,
We recently purchased a gently used Toyota Highlander (Hybrid) from one of the CarPro recommended dealers, Right Toyota in Scottsdale.
Can't begin to tell you what a pleasant experience it was. We mentioned that we are CarPro listeners and everyone from the sales representative, A. J. Abdul, to the sales and leasing manager Fabio Baratti, the financing manager Kent Thompson as well as a second sales and leasing manager, R. C. Price and the internal assistant service manager Tracy Andrews, treated us with the utmost professionalism. Even the Title Clerk, Vicki, was extremely helpful when there was a small glitch with the Motor Vehicle Divison.
We felt we received very fair price, with no typical "horse-trading" double talk that we have experienced with other dealerships.
There were three items that needed to be corrected prior to our purchasing the vehicle and Fabio Baratti was true to his word and followed through with each item.
When we took possession of the car, we felt as though we had purchased a brand new car.
Thanks to CarPro for recommending Right Toyota. Our next vehicle will definitely be purchased from Right Toyota and we will not hesitate to recommend the dealership to our family and friends.

Best Regards,
John and Nikki
Hi Jerry and your trusty sidekick,
Last Friday, on your recommendation, I leased a 2013 Toyota Sienna from Right Toyota in Scottsdale. What a joy. I am so thrilled with my new van. It is gorgeous.
David Garcia. Rick Reynolds, Kent Thompson, Rex. Justin and the redhead from parts all contributed to an overall wonderful experience. They all treated me very well and helped me through the entire process.
I love your program and have learned so very much from you and Kevin. I am so glad that you are now in the Phoenix market and have listened since your first show here.
Many blessings to you both.
Merry Christmas.
Jerry - I'm surprised that you pick Right Toyota as you certified Toyota dealer in the Phoenix area. Unless they have changed since I went there to buy a Toyota 4Runner back in 2005. I will never buy a car from them and I have told many of my friends not to buy from Right Toyota also.

Back in 2005, I was living south of Tucson, AZ and I saw an ad in the newspaper for a brand new 2005 Toyota 4Runner that was approximately $5,000 off MSRP from Right Toyota. I called and salesperson told me that it was still available. Knowing that there is a chance that the car maybe sold by the time I get to the dealership as it takes 2 hours to get to Scottsdale, AZ. I took the chance and drove up anyway, hoping that it will be available when I get there. When I got there, the salesperson told me it was sold. He, then, told me that I can get me in another 4Runner for similar price. I hesitantly agreed and went on a test drive on a different 4Runner. After the test drive, as we were heading back inside the dealearship, I saw the vehicle that was in the newspaper ad (I compared the stock # on the vehicle to the stock # in the ad) and the salesperson confirmed that it was the ad vehicle. They didn't have a chance to put a SOLD sign on it and take it to the back. I believed what he said and continued on with the negotiation of the vehicle that I test drove. After of 2 hours of negotiation, we were no where close to the ad price. I was willing to pay $500 - $1000 over the ad price, but they would not agree to it. As I got up and ready to leave, the sales manager came out and said he can sale me the ad car for $1,000 over the ad price. I was shocked and told him that I was told that it was sold. The sales manager said that it is. However, the buyer has not return to buy the car yet. I got mad for 2 reasons. 1) He was going sale me a car that they had agreed to sale to someone else, 2) the price he was going to sale the ad car to me was $1,000 more than the ad price. I told him that this was the most unethical dealership I have ever dealt with and walk straight out the door. I called Toyota corporate and file a complain with their customer service rep. That is why I would never buy from Right Toyota.
Jerry says:
Thanks for writing! I appreciate you listening to the show very much.
I can't tell you what happened at Right Toyota 7 years ago, but today they are doing a great job. My listeners experiences there so far have been everything I expect them to be and I have been very pleased.
Should you decide you need a Toyota, let me know and I'll set you up directly with Zach Ivanhoe the General Manager. You will have a VERY different experience.
I wish you and your family the best.

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