Sunday 30 April 2017
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Ferrari Commits to All Hybrid Vehicle Lineup After 2019

Ferrari Commits to All Hybrid Vehicle Lineup After 2019

What do Ferrari and kale have in common? One is a green super food and the other is going to be a green super car maker. Yep. Ferrari plans on going green before the end of the decade. The Italian automaker says its whole lineup will have hybrid versions by around 2019.

Now don’t get us wrong. Ferrari certainly won’t be going for Prius levels of fuel efficiency and speed. Yes, the idea focuses around creating a lineup that will sell better to the now more environmentally concerned public. But don’t expect Ferrari to be throwing in its super sports car flag anytime soon.

Ferrari falls into the low-volume production segment. It appeals to a more elite group of buyers – (obviously. Who else can drop upwards of $200 grand on such a fine, but impractical, piece of art?) Despite the elite a limited clientele though Ferrari really does think going green will help sales.

Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari CEO, views the change as a “fundamental shift” for the company. He estimates that it could increase sales to over 10,000 units yearly by 2025. Ferrari’s sales commitment for 2016 hits the 8,000 mark. It hopes to bump up to 9,000 by 2019.

The models will not be going full hybrid style. Ferrari calls it “hybrid powertrain elements” added to each model. It won’t be happening all at once either. The automaker suggests it will start with the next production of the four-seater with the V12 engine. After it makes the switch the F12berlinetta/F12M will follow suit in 2020.

Hitting the V12s first with hybrid makes sense. The V8 models have already been tweaked. Their engines have undergone downsizing and turbocharging all in the name of greenness. The V12 have stayed true to their classic, and dirty smoggy, selves.

Don’t worry about performance. Marchionne assures if anything the new tech will add performance. He won’t commit to that though. Eep.

Marchionne dropped hints of expanding the lineup to include more luxury centered vehicles (instead of the main sport focus). Take the new GTC4LussoT for an example.

In the meantime, we’ve already seen Ferrari begin to experiment with hybrid engines for its F1 cars. It will be nice to see that cutting edge hybrid tech brought to the standard lineup.

Photo Credit: Ferrari