Jeep Wrangler Will Stay True To Its Roots – Car Pro News

30 Oct
jeep wrangler

Jeep may not evacuate Toledo after all.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne recently suggested that the next generation of the off-road truck might need to be built elsewhere, in order to switch to a new, aluminum-intensive, crossover platform in the name of fuel economy.
Insiders now tell Automotive News that won’t be the case, and when the new Wrangler arrives in 2017 it wills still be a body-on-frame SUV, which means that it can remain at its traditional Ohio home.
That’s not to say it won’t feature aluminum bodywork, but it would be supported by a steel frame, similar to how the new Ford F-150 is built.… Read more

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Ford Tailgate Has Cup Holders For 2015 – Car Pro News

tailgate cupholder

For years, it was one of Kevin Blaser’s “pet peeves:” There was no designated place to set his coffee cup or a few shotgun shells on the open tailgate of his Ford pickup truck when he was out hunting.
Thanks to his insistence and some good timing, the new version of the Ford F-150 pickup will have a couple of round indentations that should solve the problem. The improvement all happened late in the game, as the truck was nearing production.
The idea was a long time in the making. Blaser, a stamping process and design manager for Ford at its Product Development Center in Dearborn, Mich., says he and his buddies inevitably end up hanging around the back of a pickup truck when he’s out bird hunting.… Read more

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Kids More Likely To Buy Parents’ Brand Of Car – Car Pro News

kids buy parents car

Children are a blank slate. They draw their habits, behaviors and mannerisms from their parents. If you subscribe to that viewpoint, then this study out of Michigan State University won’t really come as a surprise. According to Soren Anderson, an MSU economist, kids are 39 percent more likely to buy cars from the brands their parents support.
So, if your parents buy Jeeps, there’s a strong correlation that you’re going to end up behind a seven-slat grille at some point. Same goes for Cadillac owners, Toyota fans and the other brands.
The on-going study drew this correlation after surveying 4,300 adult children and their 2,600 parents.… Read more

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