BMW Recalling many Models from 2010-2012 – Car Pro News

15 Apr
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BMW of North America said it is voluntarily recalling about 156,137 2010-2012 model-year vehicles in the United States because of a potential defect with the variable camshaft timing.
BMW announced plans to recall vehicles in China last month for the same problem.
A problem with the variable camshaft timing, also known as VANOS, could reduce engine power and further cause damage if not repaired, BMW said.
“The unit rotates the intake or exhaust camshaft in order to alter the timing of the lift of the respective intake or exhaust valves,” a BMW spokesman said.
In a statement, BMW said that “in very rare cases, the bolts holding the variable camshaft timing unit housing may become loose or, in extreme cases, break.”
Should that happen, the “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on followed by the display of a “check control message.”
“If ignored, the problem can become progressively worse, eventually leading to no start conditions, stalling and engine damage,” BMW said.… Read more

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NHTSA Not Seeking Recall of Ford F-150 EcoBoosts -Car Pro News

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U.S. safety regulators have decided against seeking a recall of Ford F-150 pickup trucks after investigating complaints about reduced power in EcoBoost engines.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it closed a probe started in May. It covered nearly 360,000 trucks with 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged engines from the 2011 through 2013 model years.
The agency began investigating after getting complaints that the trucks could lose some of their power during hard acceleration.
Tests by Ford and the government traced the problem to condensation in an air cooler. Water could be pulled into the engine, causing cylinders to misfire.
The tests showed that trucks with the condition would maintain speed and accelerate.… Read more

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Ford Educating Consumers On 2015 Aluminum F150 – Car Pro News


Pete Reyes, the chief engineer of Ford Motor Co.’s next-generation F-150, worked five years on the aluminum-body pickup, starting with secret lightweight mules of the current truck model in 2009 and ending earlier this year with the 2015 F-150’s debut at the Detroit auto show.
Reyes’ job is far from over. He and his team are out to share their experience designing and testing the new truck — not just for promotional reasons, but to sell the idea of an aluminum pickup to a sizable chunk of the truck market that is skeptical of the idea.
Reyes, in an interview at the automaker’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, said the rollout of the new truck — which culminates in the fourth quarter of this year when it begins to hit dealer lots — continues to evolve as feedback from customers, enthusiasts and the media pours in.… Read more

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