Friday 22 September 2017
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Potentially Deadly Brake Issue Prompts Toyota Prius Recall

Potentially Deadly Brake Issue Prompts Toyota Prius Recall

A potentially deadly parking brake issue is prompting a Toyota Prius recall. It involves 340,000 2016 and 2017 models that could have parking brakes that fail and cause rollaways. Most of the models were sold in the United States.

USA Today reports that Toyota is also investigating reports of crashes, injuries and deaths associated with the issue.

“On the involved vehicles, there is a possibility that the parking brake could become inoperative,” Toyota said Wednesday in a statement. “If this occurs and the driver exits the vehicle with the transmission in a gear other than ‘Park’ while the ignition is on, the vehicle could roll away, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Toyota has “received reports of crashes, injuries and deaths” and is “still looking into the reports,” the Associated Press reported.

In a statement, Toyota said dealers “will add clips on the top of the brake cable dust boots to prevent the cable from becoming inoperative.”

Owners will be notified in November.

For the most up-to-date Safety Recall information on Lexus, Toyota and Scion customers should check their vehicle’s status by visiting and entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  Safety Recall inquiry by individual VIN is also available at the NHTSA site:  For any additional questions, customer support is also available by calling Toyota Customer Service at 1-800-331-4331.

Photo Credit: Toyota