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Top Ten to 200kFor many shoppers, choosing a car that can go the distance is an important way to save money. A new study approaches the concept of longevity from an interesting angle, focusing on models that have achieved 200,000 miles.
Put together by the data aggregator iSeeCars.com, the study was based on listings for 30 million vehicles advertised for sale during the last year. Looking at the model years 1981 to 2010, the company ranked those vehicles based on the percentage that achieved the impressive 200,000-mile mark. Not surprising, most were vehicles that also have had good reliability rankings in annual owner surveys.
To be clear, iSeeCars makes no claims about the cars’ current condition or about the reliability of these vehicles over time, simply that they’re still on the road.
Here’s the iSeeCars list, in order of most to least ads featuring cars with more than 200,000 miles.
Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Avalon, Honda Odyssey, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus, Honda Civic, Acura TL, Subaru Outback.
Interestingly, the iSeeCars list is made up almost entirely of mainstream sedans, with the only exceptions being the Honda Odyssey minivan and Subaru Outback wagon—although Subaru has offered a low-selling Outback sedan in the past.
These are all vehicles purchased for everyday use and family duty, and not sophisticated luxury models laden with electronic features or vehicles designed for extreme performance or heavy towing. Notably, all but the Taurus are Japanese models, and no European brands made the list.
The list doesn’t include some cars, such as the Toyota Prius, that have excellent reliability. It could be that the Prius hasn’t reached that mileage in great volumes, and it could also mean that owners aren’t ready to sell yet.
In its recently published study of all vehicles, iSeeCars found that the models most likely to be advertised with more than 200,000 miles overall were overwhelmingly work trucks and large SUVs, with the Ford F-250 leading the pack.
Most large SUVs have not performed as well in reliability surveys as pickups. The Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon, Dodge Durango, Ford Expedition, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Lincoln Navigator, cited in the study have all had sub-par reliability most years in our surveys. The Toyota Sequoia is an exception, landing in second place in the iSeeCars study and with a solid reliability record in our surveys. In fairness, these are often used for towing, which can shorten vehicle life.
The prevalence of trucks may be due to several factors, including: commercial users are diligent about maintenance and willing to make major repairs, and acceptance of a truck in rough condition that would have seen a regular car retired. For these reasons, we requested this special view of passenger cars from iSeeCars to inform consumers.

  1. Doug Benton 5 years ago

    Glad to see at least one Ford on the list! I had a Ford Club Wagon Van that had 248,000 miles on it when I traded it in on an early 80’s Ford Escort that had around 180,000 miles on it when I traded it in on an 86 Escort which had 168,000 on it when it was rear-ended and totallted. I then bought a new 2001 Focus which I still have, and it now has 224,000 miles on it. Almost time to change the plugs again and the timeing belt. I will probably trade/sell/donate it and get a 2013 Focus early this summer.

  2. Shane 5 years ago

    The Ford Taurus? The motor may last 200k miles but the transmission will not. And when it goes out, it goes with no warning.

  3. Denise 5 years ago

    I have owned a Honda Accord that had 240,000 miles and I presently own an Acura 3.2 TL with 262,000 miles — both great cars.

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