VW Ad Shows Off Trailer Assist With Crazy Driving Stunt

vw trailer driving stunt

Right off the bat, let us preface this by saying never try this on a street, highway or in a parking garage near you. Not only is it not what it seems, but it’s pretty dangerous. But you have to give Volkswagen props for thinking this driving stunt up, because it’s fun to watch that’s for sure.

A new Volkswagen commercial shows a VW Passat Wagon and trailer doing some pretty unbelievable stunts — while seemingly driving in reverse. And the driver is going kind of fast, too.

The ad, courtesy of Volkswagen’s Norwegian arm,  is designed to show off its new Trailer Assist feature.  The trailer weaves in and out of traffic, through a parking garage and a roundabout.

Of course, this is no ordinary trailer hitched to the back of the Passat Wagon. It was built just for the commercial. It had an 1.4 liters engine, transparent plexi glass and had its own stunt driver. The plexi glass allowed driver to look out, but no one could look in.  The driver of both the Passat and trailer communicated with each other to coordinate all the maneuvers.

Volkswagen points out it’s not easy trying to keep a straight line and back up very fast over long distances.

You don’t say.

If you’re curious about how VW pulled this off, the automaker also offers a behind-the-scenes look at filming and how it built the trailer.

Photo Credit: Volkswagen
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