Chevy Wants You To Love The New Malibu On Facebook

Chevrolet wants the Facebook crowd to not just “like” the new Malibu — it wants people to “love” it.

The automaker released a Malibu video encouraging Facebook users to try the social network’s new Reactions feature, launched today, that provides a wider range of expressions beyond the “Like.”

Now, Facebook says posts will offer people the chance to tap “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad” or “Angry.”

The video, “From Like to Love,” zips through a range of videos and pictures ranging from hilarious to heartfelt that many users can relate to seeing on their timelines. The one-minute video includes familiar Facebook subjects such as cute kids and pets.

The video closes with a quick demo of how to “Love” it.

Early in the campaign’s development last fall, Chevy’s marketing crew decided the Malibu was a midsize sedan that consumers could finally love, said Paul Edwards, Chevrolet’s vice president of marketing. The segment was full of options that people like, but Edwards said there was a dearth of lovable standouts.

Edwards said the team learned early in the creative process that Facebook likely would broaden its reaction options, so the team was able to integrate their idea with the new feature. The video, created by agency Commonwealth//McCann, was shot in early January.

“The range of emotions offers us a whole new depth of insights in terms of content going forward on Facebook because we’ll immediately be able to get a reaction across the spectrum of emotions, whether it be purpose-built for Facebook like this was or other content that we may roll out within their platform,” Edwards said in an interview. “As a marketer, it’s going to be a highly insightful tool going forward.”

Chevrolet is making a concerted effort to optimize its content for specific environments.

For instance, Chevy takes advantage of surround sound in a trailer-like spot it launched in theaters this month that touts the Malibu and Cruze while poking fun at horror flicks.
In short, Edwards says context matters.

“The environment that consumers are in is what we need to be mindful of. Their mindset as they’re engaging in Facebook is very different from when they go to a movie,” he said. “When they’re shopping is yet another different mindset. We need to optimize every communication, not just video, knowing what the mindset of the consumer is at that point in time.”

Sales of the Malibu, redesigned for the 2016 model year, rose 3.4 percent to 194,854 units in 2015. January sales were up 24 percent.’

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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