1,900 Horsepower Pininfarina Battista GT Is A Stunning Achievement

Pininfarina Battista GT
Never before has there been a vehicle like this. One that stops you in your tracks on first sight, not just for its painstakingly exquisite design, but for what it represents for the future of all-electric hypercars.

Meet the $2.5 million Pininfarina Battista GT. The most powerful road legal car to come out of Italy, its stats are nothing short of jaw-dropping: 1,900 horsepower, 0-60 in less than 2 seconds (that’s better than a Formula One racecar) and a top speed of around 220 mph. And it doesn’t need a drop of gasoline to reach these numbers. The Battista GT is all-electric.

I’ll let that all sink in for a minute.

The Pininfarina Battista GT is the first-ever vehicle from automaker Automobili Pininfarina. If the name Pininfarina sounds familiar, it should. Pininfarina is the acclaimed Italian coachbuilder and automotive design house behind the design of dozens of Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and more. The company was founded by Battista “Pinin” Farina in 1930.

“Battista Farina was a legend. Really the Da Vinci of automaker design. But in his lifetime despite being the man behind the design of 64 Ferrari’s, 700 concept prototypes, he never got to build his own car,” said Automobili Pininfarina Chief Brand Officer Dan Connell.

Enter the newly launched Automobili Pininfarina brand to carry out the dream, naming the hypercar after the man who started it all.

Automobili Pininfarina Chief Brand Officer Dan Connell, on hand for a preview of the car in Dallas recently, says the Battista is the product of a year and a half of planning and development. Built on a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, form meets aerodynamic function in a stunning design achievement that hides a 1,900 horsepower 120kWh lithium battery powertrain supplied through a partnership with Croatian electric supercar maker Rimic Automobili.

“I don’t think there has ever been a car that represents such a leapfrog of technology progress in our industry, “ said Connell. “To have a car that is so beautiful, so luxurious, and yet have 400 more horsepower than the Bugatti Chiron, this has never been done before.”

Chief Brand Officer Dan Connell shows us what else makes this hypercar so special in our interview below.

Only 150 Battista GTs will be built worldwide and of those, only 50 of those are bound for the States. The price tag? Between $2-$2.5 million. If you’re interested, you’d best get your application in soon. Revealed in Geneva three months ago, Automobili Pininfarina says it has since received hundreds of applications and nearly all of the allocations are placed. Production begins in 2020.

As if the Battista GT wasn’t exciting enough, it’s only the beginning. Connell says Automobili Pininfarina will build a range of all-electric luxury and performance cars over the next five or six years.

“Pininfarina is a new brand that is shaping what Pininfarina will do in future,” said Connell. “We’ll have cars that offer more versatility, different articulations of luxury and they’ll be at a more accessible price point albeit always at the pinnacle of every sector they enter.”

We can’t wait for what Automobili Pininfarina has in store for us next.

Pininfarina Battista GT
Pininfarina Battista GT rear view
Pininfarina Battista GT tail lights

Pininfarina Battista GT interior
Pininfarina Battista GT interior
Pininfarina Battista GT interior
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