20 Top-Selling Vehicles From All Segments in May

2021 Ford F-150.
2021 Ford F-150.

Based on car companies that report monthly, instead of quarterly, I bring you the top 20 volume leaders of all segments. The Ford F-series took the top spot, as it usually does, although the Honda CR-V was pretty close. It is interesting that 8 of the top 10 spots are held by Honda or Toyota.

I also found it interesting that 5 of the top spots were held by sedans, which could be an indication of rising gas prices.

Here are your top 20 volume leaders for May 2021:

Ford F-Series:42,090Down 36%
Honda CR-V:42,090Up 45%
Toyota Camry:37,676Up 93%
Honda Civic:35,963Up 32%
Toyota Corolla:30,433Up 88%
Toyota RAV4:30,018Down 12%
Toyota Highlander:28,834Up 131%
Honda Accord:26,299Up 51%
Toyota Tacoma:23,488Up 15%
Mazda CX-5:20,595Up 60%
Subaru Forester:20,006Up 12%
Ford Escape: 19,951Up 36%
Hyundai Tucson:18,848Up 21%
Hyundai Elantra:18,821Up 147%
Ford Explorer:16,512Down 8%
Honda Pilot: 16,480Up 35%
Honda HR-V: 15,242Up 115%
Ford Bronco Sport:14,947N/A
Ford Ranger:14,303Up 43%
Subaru Outback: 13,994Up 23%
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I am surprised that nothing from GMC is in the top 20.
The Car Pro
That was for the month of May and GM only reports their sales every quarter.

Jerry Reynolds