Test Drive: 2009 Acura TL Review

I had a GREAT week with a 2009 Acura TL that was completely loaded with the Tech package and all-wheel drive. I drive so many cars, from time to time I forget what a joy the TL is and what a great value it is.

My test car, which is pictured, was a beautiful dark red color with tan interior. One thing that is unmistakably Acura is the interior, which is spectacular. You also know you are in an Acura by the gadgets…this car has EVERYTHING imaginable, yet unlike many luxury cars, everything is easy to operate from the minute you sit down behind the wheel.

I have had one problem with this car in past models, and that was lack of power. Acura has answered my prayers with a 306 horse V6 that now has more than ample power and actually feels like a V8. My test car was the SH-AWD (all-wheel drive) that totally eliminates any torque steer issues, which will get a bad review from me every single time.

I’ve told you before the Acura navigation system is possibly the best in the industry, as is the sound system, it is spectacular. I thought I would find SOMETHING I didn’t like about this car, but with the horsepower issue resolved, there is just nothing to complain about. For you in-town commuters, the real-time traffic reports you get are invaluable.

The car for 2009 has a new face, and some improved lines, and it appears bigger wheels, all of which make the car stunning on the outside and now easily identified as pure Acura.

My car has a sticker price of just over $42,000 fully loaded. But I got an amazing 22 miles per gallon on average not even trying. As mentioned above, this SH-AWD stand for Super Handling, all wheel drive and this car does have SUPER HANDLING. With the lease deals going on at Goodson Acura right now, this car is a real bargain!


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