2009 Dodge Ram Hemi- Car Pro Review

I have been eager to drive the new 2009 Dodge Ram Hemi after seeing it at the Dallas Auto Show last spring, and the truck really is striking to look at. My test vehicle was a four-wheel drive half ton full 4 door model with the Hemi under the hood. It is white with charcoal interior and chrome 20-inch wheels. This truck is very manly.

The new Hemi engine is now 390 horses and has cylinder deactivation, which has boosted its fuel economy as well as horsepower. The suspension system has been redesigned too and results in a ride much better than the 2008 and older models. It rides quite well.

A new interior layout is reminiscent of the F150, with a large center consoled and floor shifter. Also new for 2009 is a wonderful radio system with navigation that is superb. My test truck even has satellite TV for kids to watch in the back seat.

I had asked specifically for a Dodge equipped with the Ram Box. This is a pickup bed with built-in toolboxes that lock on the outside. I really thought it would detract from the looks of the truck but amazingly it doesn’t. This is one of those ideas that you wonder why it has not been done before.

All good news on the 2009 Ram until I got to the window sticker. This truck is loaded, moonroof, DVD, navigation, Hemi, etc. I expected it to be pricey due to the equipment. But I almost passed out when I saw it had a $44,000 sticker price. This is really sad and will probably keep a great truck from being a big hit.

  1. david a.mourino 3 years ago

    whitch 2008-2014 4×4 dodge 1500 hemi or diesel offer durability and longer life span less repairs thats worth purchasing. thats worth investing cruise control ,tinted windows and last but not least if its the proper term a king cab crew so people can be comftable sitting in the back . excuse my spelling thank you your advise would be extremly helpfull godspeed

    • Michele Sanders 3 years ago

      I would try to go no older than 2010, Ram trucks made great improvement that year and have been super ever since. If you enjoy cruise control and tinted windows, for sure get them. Lastly, you are looking for a Crew Cab.

      Thanks for listening to the show.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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