2009 Dodge Viper SRT10 – Car Pro Review

Ok, it is NOT a secret I like fast cars. But there is more to enjoyable driving than just horsepower, as I learned over the last week. I was truly excited about getting a 2009 Dodge Viper SRT10. I mean it has to be a CarPro’s dream right? 600 horses under the hood HAS to be fun!

Actually, no. I may have to surrender my man-card, but this car scared me. The few times I really got on the car, I could not keep the rear end down, resulting in some scary moments for a guy who is used to fast cars.

Getting in and out, even at my new much lighter weight, was a chore. If you are over six feet tall or more than 200 pounds, forget it. You’ll feel like a sardine in a metal can. Everything in this car is tight and uncomfortable. The ride is rough, the handling so-so at best and overall the Viper is just no fun-in spite of the fact that it has all that horsepower. I actually found it sad that a car that looks THAT good and is that fast could be such a horror overall.

For $94,000 I expected a few things, like cruise control, or perhaps steering wheel controls, or maybe a cup holder that would hold a bottled water. But this car has none of that. But it was pretty; my test car was a dark blue, almost purple with silver stripes. The picture you see of the Viper is the actual car and it was a head-turner. But that is where the pleasure stops.

I really wanted to like this car. I loved my Dodge Charger I had all of last year and dearly love the Chrysler 300 SRT8 I traded it for. Love the Challenger, love the new Dodge Ram truck. Chrysler has it going on. But this Viper just makes no sense.

If you like laying rubber at any time, whether it is from first, second, or third gear this is the car for you. However, if you want to actually enjoy driving a car, Viper is not for you. A few days into it, I dreaded getting behind the wheel.


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