2009 Infiniti EX35- Car Pro Review

I had a new 2009 Infiniti EX35 this week. I really wanted to like it too, but I came away feeling sort of empty afterwards. I have really liked the FX models especially the FX45, but this was not nearly as exciting.

My test vehicle for the week was pretty, it was a Silver color with black interior and surprised me initially, it was bigger than I thought on the outside. But one fatal flaw hit me when I opened the door: this is an SUV with NO back seat room! I could not believe how little room there was in the rear. The missing room was not in the cargo area either, it was small.

I will say it drove nicely as you would expect being on the G35 chassis, but they only stretched the frame 2 inches, so that is the reason there is no interior room. The only available engine is the 3.5 V6, but it puts out a respectable 300 horses. It actually feels quite fast when accelerating heavily, and it should-it only weighs 200 pounds more than the G35. It comes in all-wheel drive as an option, and standard with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

This EX had everything and the BEST THING I can find about Infiniti is always the dash layout. They do it right, even in tight quarters such as this vehicle. Navigation system was really good and easy to use, the stereo was terrific, and as always, I enjoy jacking around with the adaptive cruise control.

You know that game I always play where I drive the car a few days before looking at the window sticker price and try to guess MSRP? Well, as I said earlier, I was trying to like it. I guessed the price at around $35,000. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was almost $45,000. That sunk it for me, it was dead to me right then.

Sorry folks, this thing is a stupidly overpriced crossover that has no room. Bring me an Acura MDX or Rover LR2 and the change.


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