2009 Jaguar XF – Car Pro Review

I don’t get attached to cars much anymore, but I could have kept this 2009 Jaguar XF for a LONG time. This car is nothing short of spectacular. And this was not even the Supercharged version.

The 300 horse version had plenty of power and the handling was terrific on the car. It is very un-Jag-like in appearance and performance and might I add all the changes were favorable.

The command module that runs the navigation system and audio is spectacular. It has a push button start system which is cool but also functional because the car key never has to leave your pocket or purse.

And it’s the detail inside this car that I really like. When the car is off, covers come down over the air conditioning vents to give you the appearance of a solid dashboard. I know it sounds small but the effect is dramatic. Also, the gear shift is about a 3″ wide round knob right in the middle of the center console. You simply dial the gear you want or put it manual and use the shift paddles on the steering wheel.

My car was black so the air conditioned seats were great. It has the best adaptive cruise control system I have ever experienced. The 19″ wheels look great with the lines of the car. Much like the Mercedes CLS, it is a four door car that looks like a coupe. Jaguar put a little more backseat room than normal, but it is still lacking in that area.

This is an enjoyable car to say the least. It is also my current favorite of any car priced between $60,000 and $75,000. My test car, ultra loaded came with a window sticker of $63,000.

The BIG surprise for me was the fuel economy. I did a segment on channel 21 last week called guilt free luxury cars. I ran two 10 mile tests on this car on the road, one at 60 and one 70 miles per hour. At 70 it got 22 miles per gallon, but at 60 it was consistently doing 27.1 miles per gallon.

This is nothing short of a WONDERFUL car and one I would highly recommend and in fact will!


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