2009 Jaguar XK-R Convertible- Car Pro Review

Yes, I know…it’s a tough job but after all, SOMEBODY has to drive new cars and report back on them! I was burdened this week with the 2009 Jaguar XK-R convertible. The R designation means it has the 420-horse supercharged engine, and let me tell you, it is a ROCKET.

More than just the sheer power of this engine, the car is breathtaking both inside and out. My test car was an ice blue with tan top and tan interior and was just stunning, although you have to see it to appreciate.

The interior is pure Jaguar. They make an interior SO clean it is amazing. The navigation system is wonderful, the stereo will blow you out of the car, and the seats are very comfortable.

The ride of this car is really good, although you’d expect it to be stiffer than it is and the handling characteristics feel much like an Acura or BMW. The suspension is very well done in this car.

Here’s another car I could not find anything I did not absolutely love. But of course, that comes with a price tag of $102,000 on the window sticker. Not for everyone certainly, but if you are in the market for a high-line roadster, you won’t find a better entry anywhere.


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