2009 Lincoln MKS – Car Pro Review

Since last Friday, I have driven over 600 miles, much more than normal. Luckily I was in a WONDERFUL car, the all new 2009 Lincoln MKS. Folks, this car is REALLY something special! It is as enjoyable a car as I have EVER been in. Yes, EVER.

My test car was the all wheel drive top of the line model that was completely loaded. I found myself rushing a lot and did not get an opportunity to see what the fuel economy would be maxed out, but this full sized car averaged over 21 miles per gallon and I was thrilled with that. EPA estimates on the all wheel drive version is 17 and 24.

The only engine offered in the MKS is a 3.7 liter V6 that puts out 270 horses and has a six speed automatic, although a six speed manual is optional a little later.

The interior of this car is spectacular with aluminum and wood accents in all the right places. It has a flow through center console that is super handy, and the dash and instrumentation is extremely well laid out and easy to read. The back seat of this car is MASSIVE with tons of leg and head room.

Part of my love for this car stems from options I’ve never seen before on a Ford product. For instance, heated rear seats, adaptive cruise control, front sensors to tell you when you get close to something, and push button start—just leave the VERY attractive key case in your pocket and hit the button to start it.

This car had the Sync system which is wonderful, the sound system was terrific, and it had the rear view camera built into the in-dash screen. Without a doubt, this car has the best navigation system I have ever seen, even better than that of Infiniti. The car has a sliding moon-roof for the front passengers and a fixed glass panel that has an electric cloth cover for the rear passengers.

From the looks, to the performance, from tires to roof, this is NOT your Dad’s Lincoln. There is no doubt this car will appeal to all age groups. You’d think I was getting paid by Ford for this review (but I’m not) because I could not find a single thing to criticize.

My advice is to get to a Lincoln dealership and get your name on one of these. My ultra loaded car has a sticker price of $45,000 and I am here to tell you, the car is easily worth $5000 more than that. If this car is an indication of what is coming from Ford, buy the stock.


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