2009 Mazda 6 – Car Pro Review

This has always been a solid car, but not a real competitor with Camry, Accord, Fusion, and Altima. That may change, only time will tell. Early impressions are VERY good from me.

A visibly pretty car, the 2009 Mazda 6 has always been dubbed as too small to compete, and too underpowered to please most. Both those things have been addressed. Size-wise, this upgraded model comes in almost 7 inches longer than the old one, an inch longer than Accord and an inch shorter than Camry.

It comes in a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder version and both have increased horsepower and increased fuel economy. My test car was the 3.7 liter 6 cylinder, rated at 17 and 25 miles per gallon. It was for sure doing better than that on the highway. On one prolonged stretch of road at 65 miles per hour, I was getting just over 27 miles per gallon. Very pleasing considering this car’s new size.

It is clear Mazda put a lot of effort into making this car quieter, and better handling. They made significant improvements in both areas. Handling on this car feels like some cars that are $10,000 more. It was also striking how well things are laid out in the cockpit of this sports sedan.

All in all, the Zoom-Zoom factor is finally in the Mazda 6 for the first time. It has been there on many of their products but this true mid-sized car has it too. This car is really exciting and at a $30,000 MSRP, COMPLETELY LOADED, it is a good value too.


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