2009 Nissan Maxima- Car Pro Review

I get pre-production cars a lot. That means it was built before the actual cars that will be sold to the public. My test car will eventually be crushed because it is not EPA or crash tested. Sometimes that does not bother me but with this car it will seem to be a real waste to see it destroyed.

I have to admit, in the past I have not been a huge Maxima fan. I mean, it was OK but certainly did not pop into my head when somebody wanted a near luxury car that got good gas mileage. I think that may have changed for me. I REALLY liked this car.

Nissan’s flagship car is ALSO now a sports car and in my mind that is a winning combination! This is the 7th generation of re-dos for the Maxima and this time they got it right! The thousands of you who get this newsletter every week know it is a hard thing for me to like a front wheel drive anything. But this car may have changed that for good. It should at LEAST be the pattern for all front wheel drive vehicles.

This 2009 Nissan Maxima works in functionality AND looks because the stance is shorter and wider, a terrific combination for hugging the road while looking sharp. With a 290 horse 3.5 liter engine and 24 valves, this powertrain feels much larger than it is. It has the famous Nissan CVT transmission, and just to confuse me I assume, shift paddles that actually work. I did not think that possible with a continuously variable transmission, but all I can tell you is it works!

My test car had a window sticker of a little over $35,000 and I’ll tell you, this car is worth every penny of that. I suspect this will be one of my top 5 picks for best new cars in 2008.


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