2009 Volkswagen CC- Car Pro Review

The new 2009 Volkswagen CC is a beautiful car that gets a lot of attention. Many people mistake the car for a Mercedes CLS, and it is easy to see why. From the side, they look almost identical.

CC stands for comfort coupe, although the car is a 4 door. At a glance, the sloping roofline makes the car look like a coupe, hence the name. It is based on the popular Passat chassis and has a really good ride and drive. It is about 6 inches longer than Passat, making the roofline even more dramatic.

Inside the car noticed the two-tone leather seats immediately; they stood right out as did the very comfortable looking leather. The front AND rear seats are configured with two bucket seats and a wide center console. If you look up, you’ll see the panoramic glass roof that covers the entire car.

My test car had the 3.6 liter V6, but there is a 2.0 turbo option too. Both are offered with a six-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually and is very responsive.

It falls just short of being called fast, but I’ll tell you with the V6, it will get off the line and accelerates extremely well. When behaving, I got almost 30 miles per gallon on the road and was getting 20 in town consistently.

My car was loaded and had a window sticker price of $39,000 and change, but the seller will probably be the 2.0 turbo, which nicely equipped comes in around $30,000.

This car is pretty terrific all in all and even though it is a Passat, it sure doesn’t look like one. In fact, from the front and side, you’d never think it was even a VW.

  1. Robert l 4 years ago

    My wife wants to buy 1 of three car:
    1. Honda Accord
    2. Hyundai sonata
    3. Toyota Camry Le

    Question is which of the three is absolutely the car that is the most quite with road noise and rides the smoothest.

    • Jerry 4 years ago

      I’d go with Camry for sure, it’s a great car and a great value!

      I have good Toyota dealers all over that will save you money. THANKS for listening to the show.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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