2010 Acura TSX V6 Car Pro Review and Test Drive

2010 Acura TSX

I really had an enjoyable week with the Acura TSX V6. I seem to always enjoy Acura products and they also seem to get better every year. This sport sedan is no exception. It is much improved and for the first time, there is a more than a 4-cylinder available.

Much to my surprise, this version of the TSX came with the 3.5-liter single overhead cam engine that made the TL such a hit. I described this TSX today as a “rocket” in a luxury car body. That pretty well hits it.


This car comes with a 5-speed automatic with a shift-mode that gives you the true sensation of a manual transmission. It is one of the few that really does. While with most cars, shifting an automatic manually helps keep you awake, with the TSX, it truly enhances performance. As configured, the TSX puts out 280 horses and in this mid-sized car, it feels like a lot more.

Ride and handling is vintage Acura, perhaps stiff for some, but for me superb. The interior is wonderful and has extremely comfortable seats. Sound system is clean and pure, dash layout and controls are simple and accessible. And from the time I drove my first Acura, I proclaimed the navigation system to be the industry’s best and that has not changed.

  • What I liked most: Acceleration and driving dynamics.
  • What I’d change if I could: Take the 18” wheels to 19”
  • Price as tested: $34200
  • TSX in a few words: Spunky, well worth the money, a winner for Acura!

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