2010 Audi A5 Cabriolet-Car Pro Review

Timing is everything. I finally get the Audi A5 Cabriolet and it’s the coldest week in DFW in ten years. There’s simply no chance the top will be dropped on this beauty before it goes back, but that is really OK with me. The beauty part of this car is not the top alone, it is the whole package.

And for me, it’s strange because I tend to go for the ultra-fast cars, and this doesn’t fit the bill for that either. I mean the car has a 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder engine and we ALL know I don’t really like those…but somehow this works. Is my overall love for Audi clouding my opinion? Probably.

I am embarrassed to say the 211 whole horses under the hood are OK. WHAT? I just like the car so much, the engine is irrelevant. Everything else is so good, the engine doesn’t really matter and I am getting some GREAT fuel economy with a car that looks like it has twice the horsepower.

I thought I would have wished for a retractable hard top, but the look of the classic soft top for me really sets the car off. And in typical Audi style, the long hood and sleek lines are classic, not to mention the headlights, with beads of white that outline the shape of them.

Interior? PERFECT! Ride and handling? Superb. Exterior looks? Pure Audi and it’s hot. I tried…there’s nothing I don’t like. It’s even got a real back seat, something hard to find in a sports convertible these days. The back seat has a center console, so it is a true four-seater.

Being honest, I’d have preferred the 3.2 liter but this one is FINE. Are there more fun cars to drive for around $45000? FOR SURE! Are there prettier cars for that kind of money? Not that I know of.


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