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I had the 2010 BMW X5 this week. It’s been a long time since I have had the X5 and notice a lot of improvement from the earlier versions. BMW’s tag line of the Ultimate Driving Machine holds true with the X5. This SUV handles like a dream.

Like most BMW products, the X5 is aggressive in looks and my Vermillion Red test vehicle is striking to look at. The 18” tires appear larger and fill the entire wheel well which gives the vehicle a really sporty appearance. You cannot help but notice the largeness of the windows, which gives it terrific visibility when driving.

The X5 comes with a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder and the 4.8 liter V8, which is what I evaluated. As standard equipment, the vehicle comes with all-wheel drive, all the latest safety features, leather interior, Xenon headlights, panoramic moonroof, and a host of other items that are extra cost on many vehicles.

The interior is pure luxury and the dash and driver controls are exceptional. Truly, it is one of the nicest cabins I have ever been in, especially for the driver. There is plenty of room in the front seat and unusually good room for the rear seat passengers. The cargo area also has a lot of room including load height.

This vehicle has the technology package, which includes a terrific navigation system. It also has bluetooth, and an excellent sound system.

From a performance standpoint, the vehicle feels heavy to me and transmission shifts a little odd to me. But I am getting used to it the more I drive it.

As you can tell, I really like the X5 as an SUV. Everything is perfect…until you get to the price and that’s where it all falls apart. If you listen to the show, you know I always drive a vehicle for a few days, guess what MSRP is, and THEN look at the window sticker. Based on other SUVs I have driven, I thought I was being generous to guess the MSRP to be $55000. I was WAY off. This vehicle has a window sticker price of almost $70,000. As much as I like it, I just cannot recommend it.

What I liked most: The looks and handling.

What I’d change if I could: Lower the price by a lot.

Price as tested: $69,375 MSRP.

Fuel economy: 14 City/19 Highway which it really gets.

BMW X5 in a few words: GREAT SUV, horribly overpriced.

  1. Ken Kaiser 4 years ago

    I too have a 2010 X5 but mine is diesel. I get 23 mpg combined and 35 highway. Maintenance has not been an issue although the battery and glow plugs can get pricey. I got the diesel because they were offering a really good rebate with it and also because of the maintenance issues. Out the door with 7 miles on it it was about 58K with the technology package, the cold weather package, AWD, the front seat extenders for long trips, the premium package and I don’t know what else. I have really enjoyed it. I wonder if I should be thinking of replacing it because it has 80K miles on it, but it is a Diesel and that is still reasonable. If I replaced it I am not sure what I would get. If I hold on to it too much longer the residual will drop and I will have a large front end investment again. What are your thoughts?

    • Jerry 4 years ago

      Ken, I wouldn’t do anything. You should have easily 150,000 more miles in the one you have. The value will drop of course but diesels are wonderful for the long haul. I would settle in, keep driving it, keep doing basic maintenance, and as little things come up, get them repaired. You should not have any big out of pocket expenses.

      Sure appreciate you listening to the show.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

  2. Jim guild 3 years ago

    Thinking about a BMW X5. Would be a 2014 or 2013. Any model or equipment t to stay away from or recommend. 2014s look
    Ike they are around. $48000. Does that sound right?

    • Michele Sanders 3 years ago

      Good to hear from you. I don’t know anything to stay away from, and that price seems in line for a lower mileage one with a good history report. I hope it works out great, X5 is a terrific choice.

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

  3. Larry Brown 2 years ago

    I have a 2009 X-Drive 3.0i BMW X5. I tuned in last week just as you made a comment on the i X5’s and it sounded like something I should be looking out for. Are there X5 issues I should be aware of for the 2009 model year?

    • Michele Sanders 2 years ago

      Larry, I am not aware of any issues. As I recall, i was talking about the suspension and drive of a BMW, which is pretty different from any other SUVs. Quality wise, I don’t know of any problems as long as you do your maintenance.

      I appreciate you listening to the show!

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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