2010 Corvette Grand Sport – Car Pro Review

The 2010 Corvette Grand Sport that was my press car this week is bright red and has chrome wheels. It has an AWESOME appearance.

Under the hood, you find a 6.2 liter V8 that pumps 436-horses mated with a six-speed manual transmission. Driving dynamics of the car are vintage Corvette, with superb handling and a very firm ride which Corvette owners have come to expect.

The Grand Sport comes with unique hash stripes on the two front fenders, two-tone leather seats, and embroidered headrests. The interior is wonderful and while I am not crazy about the exterior stripes, you immediately know this is a Grand Sport and somehow it just works.

Also with the Grand Sport package, you get a wider track and even stiffer suspension than on the standard Corvette. Performance-wise, the Grand Sport is the favorite of Corvette owners who go to a track to run their cars, and with a 0-60 time of UNDER four seconds, it’s easy to see why. Amazingly, this car also gets a real 26 to 27 miles per gallon on the highway.

My test car came with chrome wheels, navigation system, performance exhaust, and pedal covers. Otherwise, everything else comes standard on the Corvette.

I often say it should be a law that every male in America, and the ladies that want one, should have a Corvette once in their life. It is impossible to describe, but there is just something special about a Corvette. You can spend four times the money on a sports car and not have nearly as much fun!

What I liked most: Just the fact that it is a Corvette.

What I’d change if I could: I would have a dynamic suspension that could be switched to a softer ride when desired.

Price as tested: $69,855 MSRP.

Fuel economy: Underrated at 16 City/26 Highway

Corvette in a few words: Special. It’s just special!


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