2010 Honda Accord Coupe – Car Pro Review

Oh, the life of being a car reviewer. Back to back I have a Porsche Panamera, then a 2011 Shelby Cobra GT500. Back to reality this week with a 2010 Honda Accord coupe with a 4-cylinder engine under the hood.

My test vehicle is the EX-L model which has a wonderful leather interior that is just striking the minute you sit in the car. Honda stepped out of its comfort zone with this sporty coupe…they are known for top-notch affordable transportation, not for their sporty look, but this car breaks the mold.

The shocker for me was the size of the car. This car is unusually large for a coupe and you can really see it in the back seat leg room. It has plenty of room for two adults and the space would make it really easy to get a car seat in and out. The way the car swoops back gives it room too for a sizeable trunk.

The 4-banger I am driving is a 2.4-liter 16 valve Dual overhead cam configuration that has 190 horses. There is an available V6 that takes the horsepower up to 268, which I think would be awesome in this car. The 4 does OK, but is clearly built for fuel economy, not performance.

Inside, this San Marino Red coupe has the navigation system, 270 watt stereo with CD, Bluetooth connection, steering wheel mounted controls, and all power including a 10-way power driver’s seat. Additionally, it has dual-climate controlled air conditioning which works very well, and heated seats, although I have had no use for those this week.

The 17” wheels look to small for the car to me, but otherwise inside and outside, this car is really good looking and drives very well. In a world when coupes do not sell really well, the Honda Accord coupe makes up a big chunk of total Accord sales, and it is easy to see why.

What I liked most: The interior, it’s beautiful!

What I’d change if I could: Make 18” chrome wheels standard equipment.

Price as tested: MSRP $29590 completely loaded.

Fuel economy: 21 City/31 Highway and it does every bit of that.

Accord coupe in a few words: It’s a Honda and it’s really pretty!


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