2010 Honda Crosstour Review

2010 Honda Crosstour

I am a bit conflicted with this review of the 2010 Honda Crosstour. It is, after all, a Honda, which generally conjures up positive thoughts. But my first impression when it pulled up was it was ugly. It looked top-heavy to me and sort of egg-shaped. But I assumed it would grow on me.

Essentially, it is a Honda Accord with an SUV body on top of it. It has the same 3.5 liter V6 offered by Accord, but unlike Accord there is no 4-cylinder version. It is probably just as well, the Crosstour seems heavy to me and a 4-cylinder would probably be way underpowered.

It seems to me the Crosstour is supposed to compete with the Toyota Venza, but looks-wise, it falls far short. The Venza, while not a bold design, doesn’t make you cock your head to the side trying to figure out what it is.

Quality wise, it did not disappoint. It is Honda Accord all the way, drives good, and the interior is very nice. All controls are easy to reach and understand. The driving dynamics were OK for me, but again it felt top heavy. One thing that bothered me was I never could get the driver’s seat comfortable and I tried, believe me.

Fuel economy was just OK for a Honda. I got 16 in town and 25 miles per gallon on the road, nothing special. Although there is no third-row seating option, the back seat had a lot of room, and that was a pleasant surprise.

MSRP on the test vehicle was a little North of $34000, and this vehicle appeared to have every available option. FYI, the look of it never did grow on me. It was ugly when I got it, and ugly when they took it back. But it is still a Honda and they are not trying to change the world, only projecting sales of 40,000 vehicles. I’ll be surprised if they make their goal.

Photo Credit: Honda


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