2010 Infiniti EX35- Car Pro Review

It’s like they took the FX35 and washed it in hot water. This is the 2010 EX35 from Infiniti. One of the things I love about the FX and now the EX is the superb handling. It is very Porsche-like for me and I wasn’t sure they could capture it in this little sister SUV, but I am pleased to say they did.

The mid-sized SUV segment is one I struggle with because there are SO many good entries in it, both domestic and import. This one sets itself apart from the others although its price sets it apart also. Don’t get me wrong, the EX35 is priced right for the level of options, it is just more expensive than most of its competition.

Essentially, the EX is a G37 on an SUV body. It comes standard with a 3.5 liter V6 that feels like AND sounds like a V8. I will admit I was surprised it only had a 5-speed transmission. I expected a 6-speed if not a 7-speed like the one that comes in the G37. I can only theorize there were gearing issues that played into this decision. Still, this combination of engine/transmission produces 297 horses.

My test vehicle had the upscale Journey package. With it you get 18” wheels, sunroof, upgraded sound system, power telescoping steering wheel, and dual climate controlled air.

Interior wise, I need not say more than it is an Infiniti. Even with some of the luxury brands, they tend to cut corners to cut costs. Infiniti resisted that temptation thankfully. The EX is pure luxury inside. This one also has the Technology package, which includes lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control and intelligent brake assist with forward collision warning. It also has the best backup camera system I have ever seen.

The EX has a unique shape, which cuts down on rear seat head room, and some of the competition has more cargo space, but none are NEARLY as fun to drive and by comparison, most are boring. Most SUVs are suited for either men or women, but the EX finds a nice balance and is not gender specific.

All in all, the EX35 is a pleasure to drive and a darned good buy.

What I liked most: Interior and handling.

What I’d change if I could: Would like to see the 7-speed transmission in it.

Price as tested: $41,200 MSRP.

Fuel economy: 17 City/24 Highway.

EX35 in a few words: SUV in a sports car body.


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