2010 Range Rover Sport – Car Pro Review

I have the 2010 Range Rover Sport this week, and always look forward to having a Rover, being a fan from way back. I was interested to see what changes if any, were made after Tata Motors took over the company.

The changes so far are slight, but if you are a Rover enthusiast, they are noticeable. The exterior now is much more like the large Rover HSE. Inside, the Sport is super luxurious like all Rover interiors are and there are some really cool new graphics on the instrument panel that are as good as I’ve ever seen.

Tata is giving us engine choices now. The test vehicle has a 375-horse 5.0 liter V8 that moves this heavy beast very well. As an option, you can get the same engine with a supercharger that bumps the horsepower to 510. If you are performance-oriented, this is a great choice. I have the supercharged engine in my personal HSE, but honestly the 375 horse version is plenty.

I noticed too a tightening of the steering, making this Range Rover more responsive. I went to see if it was my imagination or if there was really a difference and sure enough, the 2010 has a stiffened front suspension that made a nice difference in handling, especially at higher speeds.

Everything about this SUV is superb, including the best four-wheel drive system in the industry. Sound system and navigation systems are top notch and there are cameras stationed all around the vehicle that can be changed. For instance, if you are backing blindly out of a parking space, the rear cameras can be activated to the sides so you can see if anything is coming.

Not everyone “gets” why people seem to ALWAYS love their Range Rovers. Usually it is people that have not had one. It is hard to put into words, but there is just nothing else like one.

If you find $64,000 lying around and want to invest it in a wonderful SUV, this is the one. I commend Tata Motors for what they have done in a short time, and look forward to their progress in the future.


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