2010 Shelby Mustang GT 500 – Car Pro Review

Every automotive journalist lives for the time when you can drive a car like the 2010 Ford Shelby GT500. There just aren’t that many cars with over 500-horses available in press fleets. So this was a lot of fun.

The Shelby GT500 comes with a 5.4 liter supercharged V8 and a six-speed manual transmission and it is a runner. As if that wasn’t enough horses, this pony has 510 pound-feet of torque that makes the car hard to keep on the ground through the first three gears. But that is a good problem to have!

The special 19” wheels and wide stripes that run from hood to trunk make this Mustang a real head-turner. Mustang enthusiasts know that the 2010 Shelby is very near the same car as the much more expensive 2009 Shelby KR 500, dubbed the King of the Road by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team.

While the SVT folks at Ford made this rocket quicker and smoother, they also eked out a couple of extra miles per gallon, not that this should be a concern with this car. Luckily for me, it rained two days while I had the car this week, and I took that opportunity to actually check gas mileage. Driving normally, if there is such a thing in this car, I got 14 miles per gallon in town, and out on the road got it to consistently achieve 23 miles per gallon. The first couple of days on dry pavement, it was a different story.

Great features of this car include Ford’s terrific Sync system, the Shaker 1000 stereo system which will blow the windows out of the car, and ambient lighting that can be changed to an array of colors to fit your mood.

What I liked most: Acceleration and overall look of the car.

What I’d change if I could: I’d make the seats a little more comfortable.

Price as tested: $50,895

Shelby 500 in a few words: Scary fast, tons of fun, the need for speed is met.


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