2010 Subaru Legacy GT – Car Pro Review

Subaru is all about love. Just watch or listen to any of their ads. As a car manufacturer, you can’t argue that Subaru, after decades of floundering around in the United States, is indeed on fire. Much of that is due to phenomenal products, which is where I went this week with the 2010 Subaru Legacy GT.

I reviewed the new Legacy in 2009 when they changed it in a major way and thought it was an outstanding value. For the money, it was one of my favorites. The GT is new for 2010 and adds a whole new dimension to this terrific mid-sized sedan.

I really like the sporty WRX and the Legacy GT is like that, only for grown-ups. Its turbocharged Boxer engine has 265 horses, but feels more like 300. The GT comes with a standard 6-speed manual transmission and like all Subaru models, the symmetrical all-wheel drive system, which incidentally is the best in the industry.

The interior of the Legacy is really nice. My test vehicle has the navigation system, my first experience in a Subaru and I must say it is terrific. Sound system is great and driving dynamics, like most Subaru products is wonderful. The car handles like a champ but still rides really well, like a much more expensive car than it is.

The Legacy GT is a darned good looking car especially in black like my test car, with tan interior. I was impressed with the overall package.

What I liked most: The overall feel of the car.

What I’d change if I could: Make it available in an automatic transmission.

Price as tested: $32,700 MSRP.

Fuel economy: Underrated at 18 City/25 Highway.

Legacy GT in a few words: FUN CAR! Nice mix of sporty and family!


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