2010 Suzuki Kizashi – Car Pro Review

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Rest in peace. I pronounce Suzuki dead.

I had high hopes for Suzuki a year ago when they showed pictures of the new Kizashi, which was very exciting. The final product was anything but that.

The 175-horse 4-cylinder was underwhelming and the car has NO torque. I will say it has a nice list of standard features, but that is about where the compliments cease. I found the seats uncomfortable, handling soft, and the controls inconvenient, although it has steering wheel controls which was a plus.

I liked the SXT for what it was, a $15000 car. The Kizashi is nothing to aspire to, and besides it has a stupid name, which in Japanese, Kizashi means powerful. Suzuki had one more shot at being successful in the United States with this car and they failed.

The car is confused. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is has some features that make sense, then others like pushbutton start that does not go with the car at all. It seems to want to be an economy car, but it doesn’t have an economy car price.

This is a great $15000 car, too bad the price is $7000 more.

What I liked most: Parking it for the last time.

What I’d change if I could: Pretty much everything.

Price as tested: $22,400 MSRP.

Fuel economy: 23 City/31 Highway.

Kizashi in a few words: I am starting to like Kias.


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