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Ford FINALLY has a true competitor for the Camaro and Challenger in the new 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 liter.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised after having been a true lover of the Camaro and Challenger.  I had my doubts about this new Mustang, but no more!  It is the real deal.

Ford Mustang GTFord Mustang GTYes kids, the 5.0 is BACK and with a vengeance.  For you old timers, consider this your modern day 302 V8, and it’s a hoss!  We are talking 412-horses here and even more important, 390 pound-feet of torque, which makes this thing a tire-smoking, whiplash giving beast.  In a day when manufacturers fudge the horsepower, I am convinced Ford held back as a surprise and delight gift for buyers.  With that distinct Mustang sound, this thing is SWEET!  The six-speed manual shifts easily and the gears are very close together making speed-shifting easy and fun.

The interior is wonderful; dash is classic Mustang except for many different choices of gauge backlighting.  Interior ambient lighting can also be changed to fit your mood.  The 500-watt sound system is awesome, as is the wonderful Ford Sync system.  There seems to be more interior room in this model, especially in the back seat area.  The leather seats are breathtaking when you open the door.

My test car was black with tan leather, and had two expensive options, the full-glass roof which comes with a sliding cover and the Brembo brakes.  Between those two options, they were $3600.  For a daily driver, I would pass on the brakes, but the roof is really nice this time of year.  The car has some beautiful 19” wheels that I love.

Speaking of sound, Ford pulled off the most innovative thing I have ever seen.  When you get about half-throttle, a baffle opens to allow the sound of the engine inside the car.  Otherwise, it is muffled so that you can use your cell phone or listen to the radio better.  Words don’t do this feature justice; you just have to experience it.

I have to touch on handling because it is just incredible.  I pushed this car harder than I normally do any car, primarily because I wanted to see if Ford finally put all the elements of a great car together.  Past Mustangs have missed something, either horses under the hood, suspension, interior refinements, or something.  I now declare this car to be complete.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to the 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 and the first car to compete with Camaro and Challenger on a heads-up basis, from every angle.  This Mustang is truly something special.  If you have ever driven a GT Mustang, put that out of your mind, this car is not just a Pony, it’s a thoroughbred.

What I liked most: The 5.0 liter engine.

What I’d change if I could: Cannot think of a single thing.

Price as tested: $39,200 MSRP.

Fuel economy: 17 City/25 Highway and when driven normally, does better.

Mustang GT in a few words: THE best Mustang GT EVER, by a mile!

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  1. Jimbo 4 years ago

    I agree completely, Jerry.
    The only American cars I have ever owned were Chevys, including two Camaros. In 2011 I was looking to replace my ’94 Honda Prelude, and went first to the Chevy dealer to drive the Camaro… It drove well, but was claustrophobic. The high window sills made driving it seem like I was in a bunker. To check out the competition, I drove both the Challenger and Mustang. The Challenger was nice, but heavy and handled poorly in comparison. The Mustang GT was lively and light on its feet, and has been compared to a puppy that just wants to go out and play… It has hair raising acceleration, excellent, flat cornering and more than adequate stopping power. The interior is well laid out, and the nav system and SYNC were enough to keep me from being bored. I was hooked…
    Being a “Chevy man”, I REALLY wanted to like the Camaro, but the Mustang was not at all claustrophobic, and just too much FUN… I bought a GT 6 speed manual with NAV, leather seats and upgraded interior, slapped a set of GT500 exhausts and Brembo wheels on it, and after 25000 miles, it still is a blast to drive, gets “Nice car!” comments and I look forward to driving it whenever I need to go somewhere.
    The only CONs I have noticed are that interior storage is limited, in cold weather, the shift linkage gets stiff and can be difficult to get the right gear, and for long distance driving (2+ hours) over other than silky smooth roads, the cabin noise is fatiguing…

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