2012 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe Review

Jerry Reynolds | January 18, 2012
2012 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe Review

I’m not sure you can even use the term entry-level when it comes to a Mercedes, but this is probably the least expensive one I have ever reviewed. It is interesting too, how even though small, you just can’t forget you are in a Benz.

Worldwide, the C-Class Mercedes is the #1 volume seller for them, and it makes really good sense to me they would expand the lineup and offer more choices. Thus, this week’s review is the 2012 Mercedes Benz C250 coupe.

The Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe is listed as a 4-seater, but the back seat room is limited. I expected Mercedes would have to cut a lot of corners to have a car in the under $45,000 range, but the truth is, they kept the safety aspects of the car and the classic Benz interior, which is incredible.


The C250 has a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder that is turbocharged. It is only putting out 201-horses, but the turbo gives it a great boost and smooth, steady, acceleration. Handling is superb and Mercedes all the way. The 7-speed transmission can operate normally or be shifted from the stick or shift paddles on the steering wheel. It works well, especially well when the car is in Sport Mode, and helps you maximize the power, particularly when accelerating.

Everything is run from a 7” color monitor that is MUCH easier to operate than many luxury cars, and the C250 has an impressive list of standard equipment like you would expect. 9 airbags protect the occupants of the car, and it has a system that will sense when you get drowsy and warn you.

My test car has the optional rear camera, the Advanced Agility Package which includes some beautiful 18” AMG wheels, and the Premium Package which upgrades the sounds system.

The car is a joy to drive, and gets the advertised fuel economy. I know it’s a Benz, but for a coupe with a limited amount of backseat room, I find it overpriced by about least 10%. The quality is certainly there, but for me, it doesn’t stack up to some of the other coupes on the market when you consider the dollars.

What I liked most: The handling and interior.

What I would change: Drop the price $4000 to $5000.

MSRP: $44,115.

Fuel Economy: Rated at 21 city and 31 highway and getting there.

2012 Mercedes C250 Coupe in a few words: A great car, but overpriced in my opinion.

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