2012 Cadillac SRX Review

I had the 2012 Cadillac SRX this week, and it has been a while since I had one. I was eager to see what changes they had made in the past few years. It was surprisingly very much like the 2010 I drove last. It still has a beautiful and extremely well thought out interior.

The big change for 2012 comes under the hood, and I was thrilled it finally came in an all-wheel drive version. The new power plant is a 3.6-liter V6, replacing two previous engine choices, one of which was a turbo that never quite worked for me. This new engine produces slightly over 300-horses, but it felt underpowered to me. I found the transmission to shift rather oddly. Much of the time, the transmission seemed confused. It just never feels like it has a sweet spot when needed. All in all, I am not pleased with the performance side of the 2012 SRX, and was actually disappointed in it.

I did notice the new SRX was quieter and the leather interior was superb. The 8″ pop-up LED screen is awesome, that is one of the things I love about this vehicle and the CTS. Navigation system is great and has real-time traffic alerts that pop up. The seats are both heated and cooled, and I love the way the tailgate raises and lowers with the push of a button.

The suspension on this new model is tighter and it handles better, but you lose a little of the luxury SUV ride in this 5-passenger crossover. My test vehicle has the panoramic sunroof, which is really nice and for hot days like those of late, the cloth cover works electronically to keep the interior cool.

Outwardly, the SRX is beautiful. I’ve always loved the look of it. It’s contemporary, yet never lost that trademark Cadillac front end and grill.  There are some really nice features that are standard, like remote start, navigation system, 20″ wheels, push button start, and rear camera. The SRX does not have a spare, in its place there is a tire inflation kit.

Here’s my deal…the SRX was designed to compete with the Audi Q5, the BMX X5, and the Mercedes GLK. For me, it doesn’t get there. I had hoped the new engine would have substantially more power or get much better fuel economy. It does neither. I remember the last one I had hit me as a real bargain at $41,000 and change. This one is $10,000 more and that’s not working for me either.

I am disappointed overall in the 2012 Cadillac SRX. I wanted to love it as much as I have in the past, but it’s just not there.

What I liked most: Exterior and interior looks and quality.

What I would change if I could: I need more horses or better fuel economy.

MSRP as tested: $51,050

Fuel Economy: Rated at 16 in town, 23 on the highway, I am coming up short on both. In normal city/highway driving, I am getting 14 miles per gallon.

2012 SRX in a few words: For me, it’s a let-down.


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