2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec Sedan Review

Q.  How many car companies can make a large luxury sedan with 429-horses that will still get 25-miles per gallon on the highway?

 A.  Not many.

Hyundai has done it however, with the 2012 Genesis 5.0 R-Spec sedan.  I have liked the Genesis since it came out and when I heard about this car going into production, I was excited about the prospects of it.  I have not been disappointed in the end result.

Genesis has always been a car that people loved the looks of.  Hyundai has never put their emblem anywhere on the front of this car.  It makes for a really entertaining game when people walk up to it and say “what is that?” and you tell them it is a Hyundai.  Most of the time you have to walk them to the back of the car to collect your bet money.

The Genesis R-Spec has some exterior changes for 2012 that makes the car look sleeker, but the amazing thing about this car is the paint.  It looks like a custom paint job there is so much metal flake in the paint.  My review car is Titanium Gray, which is essentially silver and in the sun it looks like it is covered in diamonds.

The grill on this 2012 is bolder, and LED lights have been added.  Rocker panels between the unique 19” alloy wheels give the car the appearance of a lower and wider stance, and there is a small piece of brushed aluminum which runs near the bottom of the doors that at first struck me as odd, but now has grown on me.

Under the hood, the 5.0-liter V8 is strong and determined and incredibly smooth.  There are no turbos on this car, it does 0-to-60 in about 5 seconds flat, but remember, this is a very large car and that time is more than respectable.  In our gas-conscious society, Hyundai put an 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission, and that is where the terrific road mileage comes from.

The only option on this car is a $35 iPod cable, which begs the question, why didn’t you just throw that in Hyundai?  But I digress.  The Genesis R-Spec comes incredibly well equipped, on the same lines as you would expect with a Lexus GS for instance.

Notable standard features include a power rear window shade, power sunroof, air conditioned and heated seats, navigation system with a large 8” screen, lane departure warning system, rear camera, and adaptive cruise control.

Handling on the Genesis is spectacular via a sport tuned multi-link system.  You get no sway or dip with this car, yet it was not overdone, you still get a luxury car ride when driving normally.  The back seat and trunk are cavernous, and there is a huge amount of room for driver and passenger.

Honestly, I don’t know if this is a luxury car, a performance car, or a hybrid of the two.  I suspect you could make the case for any of those.  Bottom line, it works and it is a joy to drive and look at, and for the money a REALLY good buy.

What I liked most:  Looks, performance, handling, paint, and price.

What I would change if I could:  Give me blind-spot monitoring, that is all that is missing on this super-loaded car.

MSRP as tested:  $46,535

Fuel Economy:  16 in town, 25 on the highway

Genesis 5.0 R-Spec in a few words:  Performance and luxury combined.

  1. Edward A Morgan 7 years ago

    I just Bought a R-spec it is absolutely the greatest if i could slow down i would have the woman in it for looks alone most men dont Know because it is a sleeper
    I bought it from Clays Chevrolet, in Norwood MA., 02062 Salesman Shawn Frazier who keeps in touch with me..


  2. Tom 2 years ago

    I to bought a 2012 Genesis new in Virginia and am still enjoying the ride . I have taken several trips that have been 10 to 14 hours long and 600 + miles one way and loved it for the power and the airconditioned seat . To bad they didn’t include the same for the passenger side seat . This car has the power when you need it to pass other vehicles.

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