2013 BMW 750i Luxury Sports Sedan Review

Jerry Reynolds | February 7, 2013
2013 BMW 750i Luxury Sports Sedan Review

Sigh. I just realized I am getting old. I have always chuckled when people tell me that their new car cost more than their first house. The review car this week cost more than my first AND second house! I’ve got the new 2013 BMW 750i luxury sports sedan, and given the choice between it and my second house, I think I’d keep the 750i, I can after all, sleep in it.


The Ultimate Driving Machine accurately describes this large, very fast sedan. As an automotive expert and car reviewer who personally owns an Audi A8, I was extremely eager to see how the 7-Series stacked up to my beloved Audi. I will give you that opinion later in the review.


Under the hood of this beauty is a 4.4-liter V8 with twin turbos that are kicking out 445-horses. Like most luxury big engine cars today, BMW hooked the engine to an 8-speed automatic transmission to improve road mileage and to make the transition between gears flawless and undetectable.

My tester has the M Sport package, which gives you a terrific steering wheel, 20” wheels, an aerodynamic kit, and a beautiful headliner. As you might imagine, when you spend six figures on a car, it will be loaded and this 750i certainly is, plus it is full of technology you can’t see, but you can certainly feel. This car has some really nice features like a heated steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, blind spot detection, side and top view camera, rear power shade, Bluetooth connectivity, and soft-close power doors all around.

In addition, you get a much improved i-drive system, something that I complained about for years. The i-drive in this 2013 is easy to operate and quite enjoyable. The BMW navigation system is awesome and the $3700 Bang & Olufsen stereo features a center speaker that raises up out of the dash and will burst your eardrums if you crank it.

This BMW comes with full LED lights, automatic high beams, and even comes with Nightvision, which has pedestrian detection. Yes, this car has it all including an awesome interior and a gorgeous combination of Burled Walnut and chrome inside. You get a huge power moonroof, keyless entry, and pushbutton start.

The hidden things that make this a drivers dream are Active Roll Stabilization, integral active steering, BMW’s Driving Dynamics Control which lets you choose the suspension you feel like at the time, and the difference is dramatic. If you want to maximize your fuel economy, choose the Eco Pro option, which stiffens the gas pedal to keep you from flooring it, and this system decouples the engine from the drivetrain so the car will coast. It also has stop/start which is smoother than any I have tested.

This car drives and handles like a dream in Sport Plus mode, much like a Porsche, but all the while you are nestled in luxury and interior quietness. This car has a feel like no other car I have driven and it is awesome.

There are no real knocks on the car, I expected a little more back seat room, and thought the trunk would be larger, but both are ample. So, how does the 750i compare to Audi A8? If you like a softer ride, a nicer interior, and a lot more room inside, the Audi is the car for you. If you want a luxury hotrod that is tight and will corner like it is on rails, the 750i is the car for you.

What I liked most: The ride and drive of the car and handling dynamics.

What I would change: Can’t think of a thing.

MSRP: $86,300 base price, as equipped $109,645.

Fuel Economy: Rated at 17 in town, 25 highway.

Warranty: 4 years/50,000 mile bumper to bumper INCLUDING all scheduled maintenance, and roadside assistance.

2013 BMW 750i in a few words: The Ultimate Luxury Sports Sedan.

Car Pro Rating: Easily 5 out of 5 stars.

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Ron .
Sounds good. But, I'll keep my Hyundai Genesis and the cash.