All 2014 Camaro Z28s Sold Out

2014 camero z28Chevrolet’s 2014 Camaro Z/28 apparently sells just as quickly as it accelerates. The Z/28’s chief engineer has revealed that the 505-horsepower muscle car is completely sold out for the current model year.

Speaking with Auto Guide, Al Oppenheiser, the Camaro Z/28’s head engineer, revealed that all 500 units of the Z/28 planned for the 2014 model year have been spoken for. The $75,000 Camaro Z/28 officially went on sale at the end of January.

However, if you didn’t manage to snag one of the first 500 examples of the Z/28, you’re not completely out of luck. Chevy is planning to produce about 2,500 Z/28s for the 2015 model year run, but that number could inch higher depending on demand, Oppenheiser notes.

General Motors will open its order book for the 2015 Z/28 sometime in the next four to six weeks.

Intended as a track-day car, the Z/28 is one of the most focused Camaros ever built. Air conditioning is an optional extra on the Z/28, and the coupe comes standard with just one audio speaker. However, performance goodies like a 7.0L V8 and carbon ceramic disc brakes are all included as standard. You know, the important stuff.


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