Test Drive: 2014 Land Rover LR4 Review

You cannot mistake the high sides and boxy look of the LR4, even from a long way away.
For 2014, you will notice a new grill and headlights, but otherwise nothing is new inside or outside.

Land Rover builds one of the most amazing 4-wheel drive systems in the auto industry. It will virtually climb a wall. The cool thing about a Rover is that even with all the off-road capability it has, it’s a wonderful vehicle on paved streets, and offers one of the most luxurious interiors you will find in any SUV.

2014 land rover lr4Under the hood you no longer have the 5.0-liter V8, for 2014 it has been replaced by the 3.0-liter V6 that is supercharged. Also new is an 8-speed automatic transmission that is silky smooth upon heavy throttle. All Rovers are 4-wheel drive and it has a ton of different settings, including hill descent control. 
For 2014, you also get the annoying stop/stop system, but luckily you can turn it off.

The interior is as nice as any SUV or luxury car I’ve ever been in. The mixture of leather and walnut is spectacular and the seats for the front passengers and second row passengers are comfortable with a ton of legroom. Due to the way the LR4 is shaped, any basketball player will have plenty of headroom.

LR4 comes in a base package, HSE, and HSE Lux. My tester is the middle package, the HSE. With this package, you get a third row seat, but there are some issues with it. Legroom is tight unless you are a child, and the operation of the third row seats is primitive at best.

There is a three-step process for each rear seat and frankly, they just are not very comfortable. One good thing about the third row seat is it does fold down completely flat, and when folded down, the LR4 has a lot of cargo area, but virtually none when the third row seats are in the upright position.

Like all Land Rovers, they come completely loaded. My Luxor (gold) colored test vehicle comes with all power accessories, steering wheel controls, a color monitor that operates everything, Bluetooth, Meridian stereo, 19” alloy wheels, keyless entry, pushbutton start and three sunroofs. The front sunroof opens, the two rear sunroofs are fixed. You get a rearview camera and front and rear parking sensors.

LR4 rides and drives great, it handles rough road very smoothly, and the handling is terrific. It leans just a little too much for me in a tight turn, but that is going to happen with an SUV that is top heavy like this one. Total weight of the vehicle is over 5600 pounds, towing capacity is 7700 pounds.

In addition to luxury and utility features, the 2014 Land Rover LR4 is loaded with safety components. There are integrated head restraints for all three rows of seats. The LR4 has six standard airbags that work in conjunction with its front passenger seat’s occupant detection system. Included are driver and dual-threshold front-passenger, side thorax (for front seating positions) and head protection side curtain airbags for the front and second-row outboard seating positions. When ordered with the 7-seat HSE package, the LR4 includes two additional side curtain airbags for a total of eight.

The LR4 also features a collapsible steering column and an inertia switch that unlocks the doors, turns off the fuel pump and turns on interior and hazard lights in case of accident.

While there are many things about this vehicle I like, I have to score it at about average on a 1 to 5 scale. The reasons are, although the new engine/transmission combo delivers 2 miles per gallon better fuel economy, it is still low at 14 city and 19 highway. Also, the poor setup of the third row seat, and missing items that should be on any near $60,000 SUV, like blind spot warning, cooled seats, power tilt wheel and adaptive cruise control.

If you are a fan of the old all-steel ladder-type frame, this could be the SUV for you. This frame does give the LR4 a lot of stability, but it also adds a tremendous amount of weight, and it really hurts the fuel economy.

What I liked most: The interior, and the ride and handling.

What I would change: The operation of the 3rd row seat.

MSRP: Base price $49,700-as equipped $58,075.

Fuel Economy: 14 City/19 highway/16 combined.

Odometer reading when tested: 1159 miles.

Weight: 5655 Pounds.

Length-Width-Height: 190.1” long/75.4” wide/74.1” High

Fuel Tank Capacity: 22.8 gallons.

Towing Capacity: 7716 pounds.

2014 LR4 in a few words: Enjoyable SUV, beautiful interior, very capable.

Warranty: 4-year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper, with roadside assistance and complimentary first maintenance.

Car Pro Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Manufacturers website: http://www.landroverusa.com

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  1. Mike 4 years ago

    While I love Land Rovers, be sure you trade out before the warranty runs out. The LR-4 and the Range Rovers are notorious for problems with the adjustable suspension. For a Land Rover, you can count on any trip to the shop running you $2K as a minimum. Even windshield wiper blades are pushing $30 a piece. You can’t use standard ANCO blades. While not necessarily a Land Rover only problem, the plastic interior parts do not hold up to hot climates. Finally, I think the electrics must be Lucas products as they bring to mind the old joke about why Brits drink their beer warm….All their refrigerators are made by Lucas……

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