Not So Fast: 2015 Acura TLX Rollaway Risk

Acura’s new TLX sedans are the subject of a stop-sale order due to a rollaway risk. The problem is with the 2015 V6 models with Acura’s new nine-speed transmission.

The sedans may have a faulty indicator light may show it’s in park, when it’s really not. The automaker says it’s already notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the issue and says it plans to notify customers about the recall on January 6.

The problem is that transmission components in the TLX might have been damaged during manufacture, according to a technical service bulletin issued by Acura. As a result, the shift indicator could indicate that the transmission is in park when it is not, which could allow the vehicle to roll away. Honda had already delayed the sale of the 2015 TLX to August from the first half of this year to ensure features including its new software and safety technology were ready.

The TLX is the best-selling sedan from Honda’s premium Acura brand and has become Acura’s best-selling model after the MDX crossover.

Photo Credit: Honda

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