2015 Z06 Blows Engine at 891 miles

Imagine this. You’ve waited and watched and waited some more for the arrival of your 650-horsepower, $78,000 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Finally, that joyous day arrives and you eagerly, but gingerly, begin to break-in the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 monster under your hood. Then 900-odd miles after delivery, your excitement grinds, quite literally, to a halt. That’s what the owner of one 2015 Z06 claimed happened to him when a simple break-in drive resulted in a lunched engine.

The owner, known as Lawdogg149 on the popular Corvette Forum, says he was out breaking-in his car ahead of a January track event when it happened.

“While making a pull from 35 miles per hour, I accelerated and shifted short of redline, and boom – the car began knocking. I pulled over and popped the hood. I could hear a loud knock coming from the No. 6 cylinder area along with a serious, grinding, metal-on-metal sound coming from the supercharger area,” Lawdogg wrote.

A subsequent trip to the dealer confirmed his concerns, with the service facility telling Lawdogg that the No. 6 valve train had failed. The dealer couldn’t research the issue further though, as General Motors requested the engine be returned for a more thorough evaluation. The good news for the Z06’s unlucky owner, at least, is that GM will be covering the engine replacement under warranty, an expense that Corvette Forum estimates is a nearly $24,000 procedure.

At this point, the two leading theories behind the engine’s detonation involve a manufacturing defect – which could be why GM is so keen to tear the blown power plant down – or a mistake on the part of Lawdogg. As Motor Authority points out, such an error could be something as simple as the Z06’s owner accidentally shifting to first rather than third during his 35-mph pull. If, however, there’s a deeper manufacturing problem with the Z06’s engine, this might not be the only case we end up hearing about.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet 

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