2016 Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcats Get Stripes

Dodge SRT Hellcat Plum Stripes

Just when you didn’t know what else Dodge could do to make its 2016 Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT models any more exciting, the automaker does this. It adds stripes.

Drivers can now order their 2016 models with an all-new dual stripe design. The stripes will run full-length from bumper to bumper and they’ll be designed to emphasize the Hellcat’s signature NACA duct hood vent. (We also spot a Viper SRT in the pic.)

Dodge says the dual full-length carbon-fiber pattern stripes provide a customized from-the-factory look. There will also be some new paint choices to further customize the look.

Dealers will start taking orders for the Hellcat stripes this month and they’ll add another $995 to the price tag.

The automaker is also extending its limited-edition Plum Crazy paint run. The color was originally only available through December, but now Dodge will offer it through the end of January since the historic 1970s era color has been so popular.

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Photo Credit: Dodge
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