2016 Truck Wars: Nissan Titan Tries to be a Player

nissan titan truck

SUVs aren’t the only vehicles selling well right now in America. So, too, are pickups. And for the first time in awhile, that includes the Nissan Titan.

The truck market exploded in November with significant year-over-year growth. Add to that, truck sales were also responsible for half of the industry’s 4 percent growth last month. But the even bigger story is with the Titan. It may still be at the bottom of the pack, but it’s grown a whopping 363 percent year-to-year.

In November, Nissan sold 3,329 Titan trucks. Sure, it’s still in 11th place in the segment, but that 363 percent growth is saying something.  It’s mostly in part to the due to the newly available regular-duty Titan. Titan sales have now increased for three consecutive months. That’s a lot better than last year when sales fell flat. They were even worse in 2015 when sales plunged to an all-time low.

Nissan introduced the Titan 13 years ago. Nissan sold 83,848 Titan’s here in the U.S. in its first full year, which was 2004. Sales went up 4 percent in 2005, but declined in nine of the next ten years. In fact, by 2014 sales were down 86 percent.  

So as the more recent numbers show, the Titan appears to be on its way back, but very slowly.  I was not overly kind to the 2016 Titan XD Diesel in my review, it was a very odd truck to me.

If November’s pace stays the course over the next year, Nissan would sell 40,000 full-size pickups in a twelve-month period, less than half of what the company achieved in 2005. Regardless, November 2016’s Titan sales were the best since August 2008, a 99-month high, so there is hope for Nissan.

Photo Credit: Nissan
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