2017 Audi A4 Gets More Power, Sheds Weight

Audi A4 2017

Think the Audi A4 couldn’t get any better? Well, Audi does. The automaker is giving its top-selling sedan a makeover for 2017. The new luxury class sedan will feature an all-new design that is bigger and lighter, more powerful and efficient, and equipped with the latest Audi technology.

The new A4 will be the second model based on the MLB Evo Platform, which means it’s built with a combination of high-strength steel and aluminum to get weight down. It’s also bigger with more legroom and cabin space, measuring in at 15.5 feet long with a 9.3 feet wide wheelbase. It offers better efficiency as well with an extra aerodynamic body that has a drag coefficient of 0.23 that Audi claims is the best in class. Depending on the engine, 264.6 pounds are also shed to contribute to this improved efficiency.

So far three gasoline TFSI and four TDI diesel engines are set to be offered in Europe. All seven engines will have higher power outputs with a range from 150 to 272 horsepower. The most efficient of these engines is the 150 horsepower 2.0-liter diesel.

Automotive News says engine choices are still undecided for the U.S., but that Audi will confirm that for the first time a diesel option will be available and that the new 2.0-liter TFSI engine will be offered as well.

Improved handling comes from a redeveloped forged aluminum five-link axles and electromechanical power steering. The A4 will also offer a new suspension system that has adjustable shock absorbers to allow drivers to choose between a sport and a comfort mode.

The lighter weight and aerodynamic design coupled with the improved engine and handling allow the new A4 to be up to 21 percent more fuel efficient while still getting up to a 25 percent improvement in performance.

The A4 is also getting outfitted with new technology including an optional virtual cockpit that features a fully digital combination instrument display on a 12.3-inch LCD high-resolution screen.

The center console features Audi’s MMI as the main control system. This system uses a touchscreen designed to work like a tablet or smartphone for ease of use. A new smartphone interface integrates iOS and Android phones into a system specifically designed for them. A voice command system also adds to convenience and safety.

Soon after going on sale, a detachable Audi tablet will be available for drivers to order. It will function as a rear seat entertainment screen and well as be used for navigation.

The A4 will falls into the same class as the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes-Benz C class. This is a popular class for drivers looking for a good drive but also a practical business professional choice.

Prices remain unknown, but the new A4 is set to arrive in U.S. dealerships in the second quarter of 2016.

Photo Credit: Audi
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