2017 Cadillac CTS Amps Up Tech with Standard V2V

cadillac xts

Cadillac’s Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology is coming to the 2017 CTS. The sedan will be equipped with the technology as part of a mid-model year update now underway.

It’s a big deal in more ways than one.  For one, the technology itself is cool. It allows cars to communicate and share info with each other. But the bigger deal is that it will come standard equipment because Cadillac knows some people won’t want to pony up the extra cash for the option. That’s a problem because there’s really no point in  V2V unless you have a bunch of vehicles tapped into it.

cadillac v2v cts

The CTS will be outfitted with DSRC short-range radio communication devices. They can send and receive simple messages about data from the car’s surroundings and road conditions. They transmit data like a vehicle’s GPS location, speed, and direction. All of this happens at a speed of 1000 messages per seconds over an area of about 1000 feet.

The CTS will be the first vehicle on U.S. roads with V2V. But being the first isn’t always easy. Initially, it will be the only model, and only thing anywhere, with V2V. But expect to see the V2V technology work its way across the Caddy lineup. And look for the rest of the GM brands to join soon.

Cadillac is also encouraging other automakers to join in making the new technology compatible and standard across the industry.

The plan is for DSRC technology to come in everything from traffic signals to cell phones by 2025. That means V2V cars will connecting with all those things. Meaning, if your phone is in your pocket, V2V will know you’re there. This doesn’t even include the new radar driver-assist technology that is already sensing and braking for pedestrians.

Photo Credit: Cadillac
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